Monday, 14 January 2013

Very Vivian - A jar of flour can be fascinating

I've been told from Vivian's daycare that she loves to help bake - but hates the actual baking process.  She just doesn't like it to be over - she wants to keep mixing and mixing, and really could not care less about the finished product.  So the other day Vivian and I made some cookies, but she freaked out when they were made so I just set her up to do her own little "baking".

It really is amazing the things that can fascinate a toddler.  I gave her her own bowl and some measuring spoons, threw some oats, an egg and some water into the bowl and let her go to town with a jar of flour.

Worked like a charm - she stirred and measured that flour while I was able to clean up my cookie mess and get them baked.  Sure there was a little flour on the floor and all over her, but it was totally worth it for 15 or so quiet minutes. 

Any other toddler baking tips?  Vivian is sooooo keen to help with everything right now, sometimes it's a struggle to find ways that she can be helpful and do chores.

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