Monday, 7 January 2013

Very Vivian - All Dressed Up

Vivian is becoming more and more particular about what she wears lately.  You know, because she's a 2 year-old and has an opinion on everything.  I mostly just go with it because as long as what she's wearing is appropriate for the weather, I don't really care about the rest.

So these days I let her pick out her shirt and then I usually match up the rest and that seems to be good enough for her.  But one day last week she had a few more opinions.  First she picked out her Buzz Lightyear shirt - fine, no problem.  She wore a Hello Kitty shirt every day for over a month, but recently she's been rocking Buzz.  But when I went to put some jeans on her, she asked to wear her princess skirt.  Sure, whatever.  Here's your princess skirt and some leggings, have a blast at daycare.  But then she upped the ante by asking to wear her housecoat.

So that's how she went to daycare - grey leggings, purple tutu, Buzz Lightyear shirt and a purple housecoat.  I tried to get pictures, but of course she wanted nothing to do with it.

She was mad at the housecoat at that point for some reason, but she wore it all the way to daycare underneath of her winter coat.

Since then we haven't seen anything quite so exciting, but I'm sure that the day is rapidly approaching when she'll want to wear one of her dress-up princess dresses out in public.  And that's okay, because there are really bigger battles to be had with her.

Have your kids ever worn something outrageous out in public?  Or have you ever seen a kid in a full-on costume out somewhere?  I always love seeing kids in crazy outfits, because really who cares what they wear?

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