Tuesday, 29 January 2013

She knows I'm writing this

So it was almost a month ago that I went to visit the psychic, and I still haven't done a little recap here.  Actually one of the first things she said to me when I sat down was, "Are you a writer?  Did you write about this?  You haven't been writing much lately, you need to write more often."

That got my attention.

So here's a quick breakdown of some of the things she told me and my thoughts on them.  Again, this was all for fun, I'm certainly not going to be making major life changes based on this or anything.
  • The woman I saw is a psychic and a medium, so she communicates with spirits.  I was interested in this part since I have been lucky enough not to have many people who are very close to me pass away, so I was interested to see who might come through.  There were a lot of names thrown around that I didn't recognize - Who's Beth?  Who's Ruth?  Who's George?  In hindsight, I probably should have looked into my family tree a bit closer to see if any names would have rang any bells.
  • One of the first things she said was that she sees me moving somewhere - no plans to do so right now!
  • She told me a few times that she saw me taking a trip - first somewhere with a W and S, then a P, then a B.  I should have asked if these were all separate trips, but I didn't.
  • She did a lot of, "I see a man wh ois about 48-52 years old with light hair and light glasses and I see you signing papers with him."  Super describing people that I would be having interactions with - very bizarre.
  • She told me I would be having problems with my sinuses very soon, and I actually had a bit of a sinus infection a week later.
  • She said she saw something happening to my jaws or the back of my mouth - I haven't had my wisdom teeth taken out.
  • She asked what I did to my wrist - I told her I'd fallen down some stairs a few months ago and kind of hurt it, but didn't think anything of it.  She said something hadn't set right and I should get it checked out - this past week my wrists have been causing me terrible pain, stupid carpal tunnel.
  • She asked me about coconut - something to do with my grandma and coconut.  I told her my Great Grandma Grace always had coconut cookies at her place.  Apparently Great Grandma Grace does not care for my gardens (she really wouldn't like them, they're way too messy!), and she says to turn the TV down in Vivian's room.  Sorry Grandma.
  • Apparently Viviann has had past lives that included being present at the Russian Revolution and the cruxifiction of Christ.  I forgot to ask about my own past lives.
  • When I asked if Vivian would be my only child, the answer was "If you don't want to get pregnant again, you'll have to be very careful."  A non-answer if I've ever heard one.
  • Apparently there's a woman named Stephanie who wears glasses that I can't trust.
  • I should be learning about lunar magic and how to use it to my advantage.
  • She asked me about my forehead - why were the spirits showing her my forehead, had something happened?  I had a birthmark on my forehead that was removed when I was little.  There's a scar, but it's very hard to see, and my bangs cover it now anyway.
  • I need to learn how to ask for the things I want.  Easier said than done.
  • My Great Aunt Vivian wants me to pay attention to my feet (?) and to sing.
  • She sees me receiving 5 bits of money between now and July 2014 - I should have asked for more clarification on what that means.
  • I need to get outside more to revive my energy and outlook.
  • There is a spirit named Ray who is attached to the house and looks over Vivian, but he might scare her sometimes which could be why she isn't a good sleeper.
  • When I'm 55 she sees me teaching something that I know.
  • She sees me going to 4 weddings, and 3 of them will be surprises.
  • She saw the deaths of 3 men and 2 women - should have asked about the timeline on this one.
So that was mostly what she told me - you don't get to hear all of it!  The session was a little over an hour and cost $40, so I think it was worth it for the entertainment.  If I did it again, I would be better prepared with questions and would bring something to record it instead of scribbling down notes that barely make sense.  My mom says that I give away too much information too, but it's hard because she starts out by asking your name and date of birth and the names and date of birth for any other significant people in your lift so she can do the whole astrological dealio.  Like I said, I would also take a glance at the old family tree to brush up on some names to try and make sense of everyone.

Oh, and she told me that I needed new boots, but they're held together with duct tape, so I don't know how much credit she gets for that one.

Has a psychic ever said anything crazy to you?  Crazily accurate or crazily random?      


Stacey said...

I love this! Whether it's true or not, it's interesting! I went to one who told me I had a hook at the end of my spine...I probably should look into that lol

lisaampraill said...

I went to one years ago that tried to tell me my kids had different dads. I told her that wasn't true. She asked if I was sure (the nerve!). I told her I was positive.

A few years later I had Alex (who as you know doesn't have the same dad as Keegan and Ethyn!).