Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Post-Christmas Thrifting

I stopped by Talize the other day to kill some time and had some really good luck in the toy section.  Remember how I mentioned that I kind of regretted not getting Vivian a princess castle for Christmas?  Well look what I found for $4.

Sure she doesn't need any new toys right after Christmas, but it's a Fisher Prince Little People castle for $4.  These things are usually $50.  It didn't have any people with it, but everything on it still works perfectly fine, and Vivian loves it.  She got right in there with all of her princesses, and Buzz Lightyear even joined in on the fun.

They also had a few bags of random My Little Ponies for like $3, so I grabbed one of those too.  The ponies have been having fun frolicking in the castle with the princesses.

As for me, I found this little brass mouse for $3.  I constantly see small vintage brass animals pop up on Pinterest and other blogs, so I've made a point of keeping an eye out for them.  The mouse was too cute to pass up!

Anyone else have a chance to do any thrifting lately?  Maybe after Christmas is a good time to check out toys at thrift stores?  I've never really thought about it, but I suppose it makes sense!  Now it's one less thing for the Easter Bunny to pick up!

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