Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Outfit of the Day - Flower Power

So it's been quite some time since I've done an outfit of the day post.  This is due to a couple of factors - firstly, I've been wearing all the same things.  So just review my old posts from last winter and you'll know what's been going on.  And secondly, I've been putting on my pajamas basically 3 seconds after walking in the door after work, making it difficult to take pictures.

But today I wore something different, so you're in luck!  See, back in the summer I bought this amazing vintage dress from Lovesick.  I saw it on the Facebook page, fell in love and luckily enough - it fit me.  Shopping for vintage clothes can really break your heart sometimes, but it's all worth it when something lovely falls into your lap.

So since then the dress has been hanging in my closet, just waiting.  It's pretty bold - when I showed it to my friend Jenn for the first time I believe her reaction was, "Huh, I'm interested to see how you wear that."  I couldn't quite decide if it was a summertime dress or if it was better as a winter dress or what.  So here's what I finally did with it.

Belting a cardigan is not my usual deal, but I thought since the dress was so loud, I would tone it down as best as I could at first, and then try different looks later.  So here's the dress with a belted cardigan...

 ...just giving a hint of the dress with all black to tone it down.  That black trim at the bottom is a little lace detail.

I usually go for the open cardigan with dresses, but I feel like it sometimes just adds too much weight.  I do like having the option of taking off the cardigan easily though, especially when I have to put my robes on for court.

Here's a little closeup of all that awesome vintage-y flowerness.  The dress must be handmade - there's no tags or anything on it.

It really is a great, versatile little dress, even if it does end up being a little bit short when it's belted.  Here it is without a cardigan for when the weather gets warmer - and it has a pocket!  Just one though - Kim at Lovesick said it would have been for cigarettes.

And here it is unbelted in all its swingy glory.  I feel like in person it's very mumu-ish, but in this picture it doesn't look so bad.  Or maybe it does and you will all quickly correct me.

So what do you think of my vintage lovely?  Is it a little too tablecloth-ish for your tastes?  It's okay, you can tell me.  I'll still love it.  Which way do you think it looks best?  I'm still not totally sold on how to wear it - maybe I should try a wider belt?

Dress - Vintage from Lovesick
Tights - Winners
Boots - Payless
Cardigan - Walmart
Belt - Walmart

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Christa said...

They are all lovely ways to wear the dress Ashley. Your idea for a wider belt would look stunning!