Thursday, 13 December 2012

What will be under the tree for Miss V.

So it seems like every other blog in the world is posting holiday gift guides lately, so I thought I would share what will be waiting for Vivian under the tree on Christmas day in case you needed some last minute ideas for the toddler in your life!

The big Santa gift this year is this kitchen.  And I'll be honest, it's mostly for me.  It's a beautiful white wooden kitchen that will stand the test of time without being a giant piece of ugly plastic in the house.  Normally I don't care about kids toys blending into decor, but with something like this that will be around for years, I really wanted to get something that at least looked nice.  She'll also be getting dishes and food to go with it.

I love Melissa & Doug toys, and with Vivian's fascination with locks, I knew the next two toys had to be on the list.  The latches board is something that I would normally look at and think "I bet I could make that!" but then I see it on sale for less than $20 on Amazon and decide it's definitely worth it to buy one.  

This Melissa & Doug doorbell house is soooo cool, I'm really hoping that it isn't too advanced for Vivian.  The house has 4 doors that each have a corresponding key and doorbell, then it comes with people to live inside the house.  It gets bonus points for securely attaching the keys to the house so you don't have to worry about losing them.

I picked up a set of play tools for Vivian from the Superstore way back in the springtime when they had a bunch of stuff on clearance.  I think it was like $7 or something.  Incredibly, I've managed to keep it tucked away until now, so she'll be getting it for Christmas.  She loves to grab a screwdriver whenever I'm fixing something, so I can't wait to see what projects she tackles with these.

The Little People house is kind of one of those toys that everyone has.  Vivian loves playing with an older version at mom's house, and I remember playing with the Tudor-style version that was out when I was a kid.  I picked this one up at the Superstore too - on sale for 50% off, so for $25 I kind of had to pick it up.

Okay, you can also file this under toys that are actually for me.  But it's a little Wonder Woman in a little invisible jet!  It's too adorable.

And who says that the Super Friends can't live in a purple house?  The Justice League can totally operate out of it.

These dolls actually really surprised me.  I've seen them on shelves before, but thought they were too old for Vivian.  I thought the dresses kind of snapped on and were hard plastic, but they're actually a soft, rubbery material.  My sister got Vivian the Cinderella one for her birthday and she loves carrying her around.  Blair has all of them, so apparently they're a hit with little girls.  And they're cheap - I won't be getting Vivian this big set, but you can get an individual doll for $5, so they're great for the stocking.

Those are basically the highlights - of course I have way too much stuff for her stocking, but stockings are the best part!  And she's just way too easy to shop for this year - anything with dolls or Toy Story or Hello Kitty or cars is right up her alley.  Of course I'm pretty sure that she's going to see the kitchen first and have zero interest in anything else under the tree, but that's okay.

What are your top toddler toy picks?

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