Monday, 10 December 2012

I give way too much thought to most things.

So it was Vivian's birthday on Saturday (blog post to come, I promise) and we're rapidly closing in on Christmas.  This means that I've had kids stuff on the brain - it's constant Googling for different toys and games, and of course Vivian maintains her monopoly on the TV.  So I've given in to my natural urges of overthinking everything and have given way too much thought to the following things.

I got the girls, (Vivian, Blair and C) these Disney Princess baby dolls for Christmas.  They're pretty cute, and are a good size for the girls to play with right now.  Blair is right into the Princesses, and Ariel is her favourite, so that's what she'll get.  Here's my question though - WHY DOES BABY ARIEL HAVE LEGS???  She wasn't born a human, she's a mermaid.  Give the kid a tail.  Continuity, Disney!
Vivian loves Mike the Knight.  And as far as kids shows go, this one isn't the worst.  I mean, Mike is super annoying and a jerk most of the time, but that's how kids learn lessons in shows.  Here's my issue - Mike's dad, the king, is always away doing something, but that minstrel guy is always hanging around.  I'm just going to say it - Mike's mom is totally doing the minstrel.

Toy Story is on pretty much constantly at home right now.  Vivian loves Toy Story 2 and 3 the best, since those are the ones with Jessie in them.  And after many (many, many) viewings, I've figured out what bothered me about the movies.

In Toy Story 2, Woody has Jessie and Bullseye come home with him to be Andy's toys.  Now, we know that Jessie and Woody are collector's dolls from an old TV show, but Andy doesn't know that.  There's mention of Woody being "an old family toy" so that's why Andy has such an out-of-date toy.  When he finds Jessie and Bullseye, he just calls her "Bazooka Jane" or something, so he obviously doesn't recognize her from the original show or anything.  Then in Toy Story 3 when his mom asks about getting rid of them, he refers to the toys as being junk - obviously this is just meant as a surly teenager line, since he does love the toys, but he doesn't seem to realize that they are valuable in any way, so he must not know who Jessie is.  But, when he gives the toys to Bonnie at the end, he introduces Jessie as Jessie and Bullseye as Bullseye.  So how the hell does he know their names?  Does one of Jessie's pull-string phrases say her name and Bullseye's?  If he did look up who they are, then he would have realized how valuable they are, right?  Seriously, this has been driving me crazy.  Here's the clip - if you want watch it without welling up, you're stronger than I am.

I know, I know.  They're just kids shows, I shouldn't give it so much thought.  Whatever, I overthink things.

Have you ever come across something like this that just drove you bonkers?

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