Friday, 21 December 2012

Double Christmas Trees!

So, holy cow.  It's Christmas.  I suppose I should be prepared for the time period between Vivian's birthday and Christmas to go by in the blink of an eye every year, because that seems to be how it goes.  The last week has been pretty insane with last minute shopping (including a trip to the states), putting up the tree, wrapping presents, work being wacky, Vivian getting her 2-year molars, etc., etc., etc.

So I thought I would get some pictures up of the trees now before Christmas is over.  Of course, Christmas trees are notoriously difficult to photograph, and even more so when you have a crappy tree, but here goes.  You might remember my gloriously tacky white Christmas tree from last year.  I got a bunch of disco ball decorations last year, then beefed them up with some Boxing Day discounted decorations and a few boxes of 50% off ones I got this year.  Nothing too fancy, just kind of colourful and nothing breakable.  I put it in the kitchen again this year to keep it away from Vivian if need be, but she hasn't paid too much attention to it other than to say, "Nice tree!"

 And yes, I used one of my vintage sheets as a tree skirt, of course.

I also decided to get a mini-tree for Vivian's room to help keep her away from the main tree and to have a place to put any ornaments that didn't really go with my other tree (because I've become that person) and so there was something at her level that she could play with.  I got it in the states at Target for $8 and I think it's a really cute idea for kids rooms.

Again, nearly impossible to take a picture, but it's pretty cute.   And you can see her new Hello Kitty ornament in the lower left there.

All in all, I'm pretty ready for Christmas.  I always say that Christmas comes when you run out of time and money and I'm definitely at that point.  I'll try to get some pictures of Vivian for a more proper Very Vivian post before the big day on Tuesday!

How goes your holiday decorating?  Are you as glad to see this week done as I am?

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