Monday, 12 November 2012


Back when I was doing my purging, I came across an old notebook that contained a list of movies I used to own on VHS.  See, back in the day VHS was king and I loved having lots of movies to watch in my room and to fall asleep too.  Then DVDs took over and I was left with a bunch of movies that I never got around to re-buying on DVD.  At one point during another purge, I just threw away all my old VHS tapes.  They were taking up too much room and I knew the odds of dragging out my VCR to actually watch them was slim to none.  But of course I wrote them all down in case I wanted to re-buy them one day.  The list made me smile to remember all those movies that I used to love, but now haven't seen in years.  Let's review, shall we?

Road Trip - One of those movies that I wasn't crazy about the first time, but later grew on me.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for stupid comedies.

Freddy Got Fingered - Speaking of which, I love Freddy Got Fingered.  Where's my LeBaron anyway?

O - There seemed to be a lot of Shakespeare updates when I was in high school.

So I Married an Axe Murderer - A classic.  If you ever hear me refer to a kid looking like an orange on a toothpick, I'm quoting this movie.

Out Cold - I didn't realize until recently that this movie starred a young Zach Galifianakis, along with one of the London brothers (I can never tell them apart).  I loved this movie and thought it was hilarious, I wonder if it holds up today?

Dragonfly - I always really liked this movie with Kevin Costner.  It's one of those movies that kind of has a bit of everything - a little romance, a little mystery, a little kind of reminds me of Frequency.

Idle Hands - Love this movie!  Devon Sawa, Seth Green, a young Jessica Alba, it's everything that was great about 1999.

Orange County - While I never thought that this was a perfect movie, I do love Colin Hanks.

The Mexican - Even though this got pretty crap reviews, I always thought Brad Pitt was pretty hilarious in it.  El Camino!

Labyrinth - A classic.  Who doesn't love David Bowie in stretchy pants?

Center Stage - This is one I should definitely have on DVD.  My sister and I used to quote it pretty heavily. "I'm all splotchy!"

Signs - I have a soft spot for old M. Night, okay?  Signs is a damn good movie.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - In high school I used to watch this movie every day.  Young Matthew Broderick is the cutest thing ever.

Vanilla Sky - A mind trip, to be sure.  I do love Cameron Crowe movies though.

Legally Blonde - Where would we be if Elle Woods never taught us how to bend and snap?

Mars Attacks! - I love the inherent cheesiness of this movie - and the young Natalie Portman as the first daughter!  She's always awesome.

Skipped Parts - A random little indie gem that I loved with Jennifer Jason Lee and a very young Mischa Barton.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Don't we all love this movie?  Our love fern!  You let it DIE!

Clerks - Kevin Smith's classic.  It's always been a dream of mine to go to Jersey and see the real Quick Stop.

Whipped - Another kind of random indie movie with Amanda Peet.  I looovve me some Amanda Peet.  I wouldn't mind seeing this one again just to see if it's actually any good.  I always thought it was pretty funny.

Mallrats - This one I actually have re-bought on DVD!  Love me some Jason Lee.

Slackers - Okay, more Devon Sawa.  You can never have too much Devon Sawa.  Bonus points for a young Jason Segel.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - Again with the Kevin Smith.  I miss having Kevin Smith movie marathons!

Bring it On - I may or may not have spent an entire day once watching all of the Bring it On movies.  The first is still the best though.  This isn't a democracy, it's a cheerocracy.  Well you're being a cheer-tator, Torrence!  And a pain in my ass!

Heartbreakers - Jason Lee in a non-Kevin Smith movie!  It's actually pretty funny, Ray Liotta is great in it.

Go - Oh I love Go.  It's like Pulp Fiction's little sister.

Boys Don't Cry - Not all goofy teen movies on this list!

Sugar and Spice - And we're back to the goofy teen movies.  You know, because sometimes cheerleaders have to rob banks.

Romeo + Juliet - Didn't we all want to be Claire Danes?  Leo has never looked yummier than in R+J.

The Mothman Prophecies - This scared the hell out of me when I saw it for the first time.  I love those eerie, based on a true story kind of horror movies.

The Ring - It's a terrible idea to watch this movie on a VHS tape.

Super Troopers - I don't want a large Farva, I want a goddamn litre of cola!

Dogma - Yes, I enjoy Kevin Smith.

Indiana Jones Trilogy - I always liked Temple of Doom best, then The Last Crusade, then Raiders.

I am Sam - Such a sweet, sad movie.

Jawbreaker - Oh I loooovvveee this movie!  So dark and twisty, and Rose McGowan is so awesome.

Laws of Attraction - Can't beat the Beek!  It's actually not a great movie, but I love Shannyn Sossamon.

Drop Dead Gorgeous - This movie is amazing, if you haven't seen it you need to check it out.  I love the whole mockumentary style, and the cast is just amazing.

Chasing Amy - Yay KS!

Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Here's a confession - I've never been crazy about this movie.  I always thought it was only okay.  Feel free to throw things at me.

Blair Witch Project - I still love this movie, it's still good and creepy.

The Princess Bride - Sigh, one of my all-time favourites.  I have it on DVD now, of course.  As you wish.

Nightmare Before Christmas - I could never decide if this movie should be watched at Halloween or at Christmas.  Thoughts?

Return to Oz - One of the all-time creepiest weirdest movies ever.  I always loved it as a kid, but in that way that I was also terrified of it.  If you've never seen it, you need to watch it.  Those wheelers will mess you up.

Grease - Grease is one of those movies that I loved in high school but have since grown to hate it.  Ugh, is there a more annoying movie in the entire world?

Pecker - Awww, I wouldn't mind watching this again.  Edward Furlong and Christina Ricci.  It's awesome.

The Good Girl - An awesome movie with an awesome cast.  Love Jennifer Aniston in this.

SLC Punk! - Woo!  More young Jason Segel!

I know that there were more, but I had already upgraded to DVD at the time, so I didn't bother to write them down.  This of course doesn't include the movies that I remember having recorded onto blank VHS from the TV (I can remember The Craft and Conspiracy Theory off the top of my head)  It's funny how many of these movies I would have completely forgotten about if I hadn't written them down.

What about you?  Any old high school favourites you've kept around for old times sake?

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