Monday, 19 November 2012

Very Vivian - Switching it Up

First off - I'm changing the Vivian posts.  Instead of posting on Fridays for Vivian Vendredi, I'm just going to post about her (at least) once a week as "Very Vivian".  Because of the way our schedule is now, Fridays are tricky for me to blog on, so you'll just get your weekly dose of Vivian some other day!

In other switching it up news - since Vivian decided to wake me up at 6:30 Sunday morning, I had some time to get some things done around the house.  I decided that Vivian's room had been driving me crazy long enough and it was time to do something about it.

Something about her room has never quite worked for me, and I could never really realize what it was.  Then it finally clicked - I had way too much storage space, and not enough stuff making use of that space.

Here's one side of her room - mostly being taken up by my childhood desk.  The problem with the desk?  There's nothing in it.  All her clothes are in the orange dresser.  So while it's a lovely, romantic notion of mine to have my childhood desk filled with my childhood books in Vivian's room, it just didn't make sense for her.  When she's older it can move back to her room, but for now it was just taking up space.

Her closet was a similar story - lots of room for stuff, but nothing to go in it.  Lots of extra blankets and sheets, but to be honest I could easily move those to the linen closet.

The other side of the closet is even worse - two whole dresses hanging up.

Then her crib on the other side of the room - positioned so she can't grab at the curtains or reach her hoodies hanging on the back of the door.  And yes, Vivian is still in a crib.  She will remain in the crib for as long as humanly possible.  She can still be sleeping in a crib when she's 6 for all I care.

Pretty blah, and not a lot of space to play.  And with her birthday and Christmas fast approaching, I thought switching things up before the new influx of toys would be good.

So now I have this happy camper...

 First thing was clearing off that desk and moving it out.  Of course I got all impatient and dragged it down to the basement by myself.  I moved the crib to that side of the room, and added my little bookcase beside it for a few knick-knacks and movies and stuff.  I believe that bookcase was in my room as a baby, so it's much more fitting in here.

And of course the other side of the room has her tent!  It's from IKEA a few years ago - she was super excited to have it set up and started throwing all her babies and blankets in right away.  Can't wait to be able to replace that monster old TV in there too.

And for a little video evidence...

Improvement, right?  I'm thinking about putting a little Christmas tree in her room for the holidays too - has anyone tried that with a toddler?  I would love to do that felt Christmas tree idea that's floating around on Pinterest, but not sure if I would actually get around to it!

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