Thursday, 1 November 2012

Things I Didn't Buy

I have this terrible habit when I go to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  I'll see something interesting, but can't decide if I should get it or not, so I leave it there.  Then it never fails that a day or so later I get a great idea for how to use said item, but by the time I go back to the store, it's gone.  There was the two sheets of awesome hex tile that I found for $4 a sheet - I couldn't think of anything to do with just two sheets of tile, but later thought of tiling a coffee or side table.  There was the box of cork floor tiles for $4.50 that I later realized would be awesome mounting in the kitchen as a giant bulletin board.  Both gone to some other lucky DIYer.

This week I checked out both ReStores in London and decided to take some crappy cell phone pictures of the things I liked but left behind - maybe you'll be lucky enough to scoop them!

First up was this beauty...

Oh I am a sucker for a roll-top desk.  And look at all those drawers!  It was in awesome shape and solid wood - all for $65.

I found one of these chairs on the side of the road, but you could buy this one for $50.

I wish I had a big mudroom to justify buying a bunch of lockers like this.  They had a bunch of different sets of lockers, but this huge one was only $80.

I've never seen a ReStore have such newish furniture - this amazing leather sectional was $800, and I would probably never leave it if it was in my living room.

They had a lot of different tool chests and boxes this time, including four or five of these bad boys.  It was a nice height so you could use the top as a bit of a work surface, and it was $75.  Do you know how expensive big tool chests are?  Stupid expensive.

Young House Love blogged a little while ago about their adventure hunting down an egg chair, and I found a super similar one for $59.  A little spray paint and a new cushion and you would be set!

Those were my big finds - we'll see if I regret not grabbing any of them in a week or so.  Or will you be running in to scoop one of them up?  Have you scored anything good at a ReStore before?

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