Tuesday, 6 November 2012


The best part about thrifting is that you never know when that perfect thing will come along.  That awesome find that you would have never expected in a million years.

So back in the summer, my friend Jenn and I were at Heist and we found this amazing set of vintage shot glasses.  Vintage shot glasses with bowling pins on them.  And vintage shot glasses in the original packaging.  Are you dying?  It's a Rumpus Set!  Love it so freaking much.

Jenn was the one who walked out with the set that day, picking it up with the intention of giving it to someone   as a gift one day.  I assumed she would give it to a friend of hers who is a huge fan of The Big Lebowski, but that sneaky lady gave them to me for my birthday.  She's so tricky.

But wait - it gets better.

Then on the weekend I decided to check out some thrift shops in Sarnia to get some variety.  While stopping in at the Bibles for Missions Thrift store, I couldn't believe what I saw!

That's six tall tumblers and two low ball glasses that perfectly match my shot glasses.

It's insane.  I was so freaking excited, I practically danced out of the store.  They were all priced strangely though - some were marked at $1 each, some were marked at 50 cents each, and some were marked at both.  I asked the lady at the counter if there was a package price for them and she said let's do 50 cents for each glass for a grand total of $4 for the set.  Freaking sold.

Sigh.  Such an awesome find.  But there's more!

I also stopped in to check out Value Village.  Now I've said before that VV can be a little pricey, and this time was no exception.  I did find this awesome vintage Pyrex casserole dish though, and even though it was a whopping $9.99, I couldn't leave it there.  I might have walked around the store hugging and petting it.  I might have whispered "My precious" once or twice, I'm not sure.

Isn't it pretty?  The colour and pattern are amazing - apparently it's the Blue Horizon pattern.  I love the mirror image of it all.

The third find came from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  And holy crap - is the Sarnia store ever amazing.  Huge amounts of furniture.  It was seriously at least twice the size of either of the London locations.  If you're looking for a piece of furniture, check there.  I must have fallen in love with about four desks and at least half a dozen dressers, as well as a couple of vintage armoirs.  There was an unbelievably cool $10 leather chair, but some lucky bastard had already laid claim to it.  Damn.

Anyway, while I didn't walk away with anything big, I did find these funny poodles.  I know, they're weird and hideous, but I think that some spray paint will modern them up a bit.  And for $4 for the pair, I thought it was worth the risk.  The cashier rang them in as $4 each though, and I was pretty quick to correct her.  These are definitely $4 poodles, not $8 poodles.  Obviously.

So that was my thrifty weekend!  Anyone else find any good deals?  There's a new antique market in town that I've been dying to check out.  Always nice to try a new location to mix things up!

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