Thursday, 22 November 2012

Open It Up

I have this one weird cabinet in the kitchen.  It's separated from all the rest by that weird little sliver of wall (I'm sure it helps keep the ceiling up or whatever, but I still hate it) and chills out above the dishwasher.  It was obviously added after the other cabinets, since it's super cheapo laminate and the rest are wood.  I'm assuming the previous owners added it to make the dishwasher seem less weird.  (The dishwasher is a portable one, but they ran water pipes over to it, so it actually doesn't need to move anywhere.  It's kind of weird, but whatever.)

So it bothers me.  It's just there, all by itself.  I did have my casserole dishes and stuff in it, but then on Sunday I thought I would do some re-arranging.

See, I've been reading (and flagging and dog-earing and making notes) in the new book from Young House Love.  It's awesome - makes a great Christmas gift if anyone needs one for someone.  And one of their suggestions was having some open shelving in the kitchen.  So I started out by moving my vintage stuff into this little cabinet.  (Well, mostly vintage.  The stuff on the top shelf isn't vintage, but it's pretty.)

Then I took the doors off to have a nice little open shelving area.

Now, I love the idea of it, but it's still pretty U-G-L-Y.  I'm thinking about attempting to paint/line the inside of the cabinet to give it some contrast - what do you think?  It also drives me crazy that it doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling.  I mean really.  Whose idea was it to leave like 2 inches of space up there?  You can see where I couldn't reach with the paint roller when I painted the kitchen.  Stupid cabinet.

At least I get to see my pretty vintage stuff out in the open though!  Although I keep forgetting that I did it and think that I've just left the cupboards open.

Any suggestions on brightening up the inside?  Just paint it all?  Line it with paper?  Fabric?  Fur?  No, that would probably be crazy.

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