Sunday, 25 November 2012

Very Vivian - The worst winter baby ever

So we got a little bit of snow last night.  Not a lot, just a dusting.  So of course I had a little girl oohing and ahhing out the window at the snow and demanding that she get her coat and kitty boots on.  Then we had to fight about snowpants.  We were at the local parade yesterday and she refused to wear snowpants then too, but I managed to get her into some fleece-lined jeans.  In this picture I managed to talk her into some splash pants.  Then we had a fight about whether or not she should wear mittens, and I finally got her bundled up as best I could and sent her out the back door.

This was the face I got about 30 seconds later.

She was not impressed.  The snow was sticking to her kitty boots, covering the kitty faces.  So she was trying to brush the snow off, but then the snow was sticking to her mittens and that made her mad.  She was really not impressed with the whole thing.

So the first snowfall and we've already got a problem.  Looks like I'm in the market for some snowpants that don't have a bib on them (I think that's her main problem, but I could be wrong) and for some snow boots that don't have kitties on them to be covered in snow.  And some mittens that won't let the snow stick to them.  And a bottle of booze for me.

It's going to be a long winter.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Open It Up

I have this one weird cabinet in the kitchen.  It's separated from all the rest by that weird little sliver of wall (I'm sure it helps keep the ceiling up or whatever, but I still hate it) and chills out above the dishwasher.  It was obviously added after the other cabinets, since it's super cheapo laminate and the rest are wood.  I'm assuming the previous owners added it to make the dishwasher seem less weird.  (The dishwasher is a portable one, but they ran water pipes over to it, so it actually doesn't need to move anywhere.  It's kind of weird, but whatever.)

So it bothers me.  It's just there, all by itself.  I did have my casserole dishes and stuff in it, but then on Sunday I thought I would do some re-arranging.

See, I've been reading (and flagging and dog-earing and making notes) in the new book from Young House Love.  It's awesome - makes a great Christmas gift if anyone needs one for someone.  And one of their suggestions was having some open shelving in the kitchen.  So I started out by moving my vintage stuff into this little cabinet.  (Well, mostly vintage.  The stuff on the top shelf isn't vintage, but it's pretty.)

Then I took the doors off to have a nice little open shelving area.

Now, I love the idea of it, but it's still pretty U-G-L-Y.  I'm thinking about attempting to paint/line the inside of the cabinet to give it some contrast - what do you think?  It also drives me crazy that it doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling.  I mean really.  Whose idea was it to leave like 2 inches of space up there?  You can see where I couldn't reach with the paint roller when I painted the kitchen.  Stupid cabinet.

At least I get to see my pretty vintage stuff out in the open though!  Although I keep forgetting that I did it and think that I've just left the cupboards open.

Any suggestions on brightening up the inside?  Just paint it all?  Line it with paper?  Fabric?  Fur?  No, that would probably be crazy.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Very Vivian - Switching it Up

First off - I'm changing the Vivian posts.  Instead of posting on Fridays for Vivian Vendredi, I'm just going to post about her (at least) once a week as "Very Vivian".  Because of the way our schedule is now, Fridays are tricky for me to blog on, so you'll just get your weekly dose of Vivian some other day!

In other switching it up news - since Vivian decided to wake me up at 6:30 Sunday morning, I had some time to get some things done around the house.  I decided that Vivian's room had been driving me crazy long enough and it was time to do something about it.

Something about her room has never quite worked for me, and I could never really realize what it was.  Then it finally clicked - I had way too much storage space, and not enough stuff making use of that space.

Here's one side of her room - mostly being taken up by my childhood desk.  The problem with the desk?  There's nothing in it.  All her clothes are in the orange dresser.  So while it's a lovely, romantic notion of mine to have my childhood desk filled with my childhood books in Vivian's room, it just didn't make sense for her.  When she's older it can move back to her room, but for now it was just taking up space.

Her closet was a similar story - lots of room for stuff, but nothing to go in it.  Lots of extra blankets and sheets, but to be honest I could easily move those to the linen closet.

The other side of the closet is even worse - two whole dresses hanging up.

Then her crib on the other side of the room - positioned so she can't grab at the curtains or reach her hoodies hanging on the back of the door.  And yes, Vivian is still in a crib.  She will remain in the crib for as long as humanly possible.  She can still be sleeping in a crib when she's 6 for all I care.

Pretty blah, and not a lot of space to play.  And with her birthday and Christmas fast approaching, I thought switching things up before the new influx of toys would be good.

So now I have this happy camper...

 First thing was clearing off that desk and moving it out.  Of course I got all impatient and dragged it down to the basement by myself.  I moved the crib to that side of the room, and added my little bookcase beside it for a few knick-knacks and movies and stuff.  I believe that bookcase was in my room as a baby, so it's much more fitting in here.

And of course the other side of the room has her tent!  It's from IKEA a few years ago - she was super excited to have it set up and started throwing all her babies and blankets in right away.  Can't wait to be able to replace that monster old TV in there too.

And for a little video evidence...

Improvement, right?  I'm thinking about putting a little Christmas tree in her room for the holidays too - has anyone tried that with a toddler?  I would love to do that felt Christmas tree idea that's floating around on Pinterest, but not sure if I would actually get around to it!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Everyone needs a good box

I stopped in at a different thrift store last week - the South Side Thrift Store on Southdale Road in London.  I've been meaning to check it out for ages so when I had some time to kill on Friday I made my way over there.

All in all it wasn't a bad shop, but I didn't see a whole lot that caught my eye.  I did spy this almost as soon as I walked in though...

It's a cute little jewellery box type thing - it's actually probably a man's valet I suppose.  I love the little handle on it and the details at the corners - it's like the tiniest campaign dresser ever!

 Gotta love that harvest gold interior!

I don't really have anything to put in it though, since I have an abundance of jewellery storage and a lack of jewellery, as well as a lack of the effort that is required to actually change jewellery on a regular basis.  I've been wearing the same necklace for a year, and will continue to do so until it breaks.

What do you think?  It's pretty cute for $4, right?  What's your favourite way to store your pretty sparkly things?

Monday, 12 November 2012


Back when I was doing my purging, I came across an old notebook that contained a list of movies I used to own on VHS.  See, back in the day VHS was king and I loved having lots of movies to watch in my room and to fall asleep too.  Then DVDs took over and I was left with a bunch of movies that I never got around to re-buying on DVD.  At one point during another purge, I just threw away all my old VHS tapes.  They were taking up too much room and I knew the odds of dragging out my VCR to actually watch them was slim to none.  But of course I wrote them all down in case I wanted to re-buy them one day.  The list made me smile to remember all those movies that I used to love, but now haven't seen in years.  Let's review, shall we?

Road Trip - One of those movies that I wasn't crazy about the first time, but later grew on me.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for stupid comedies.

Freddy Got Fingered - Speaking of which, I love Freddy Got Fingered.  Where's my LeBaron anyway?

O - There seemed to be a lot of Shakespeare updates when I was in high school.

So I Married an Axe Murderer - A classic.  If you ever hear me refer to a kid looking like an orange on a toothpick, I'm quoting this movie.

Out Cold - I didn't realize until recently that this movie starred a young Zach Galifianakis, along with one of the London brothers (I can never tell them apart).  I loved this movie and thought it was hilarious, I wonder if it holds up today?

Dragonfly - I always really liked this movie with Kevin Costner.  It's one of those movies that kind of has a bit of everything - a little romance, a little mystery, a little kind of reminds me of Frequency.

Idle Hands - Love this movie!  Devon Sawa, Seth Green, a young Jessica Alba, it's everything that was great about 1999.

Orange County - While I never thought that this was a perfect movie, I do love Colin Hanks.

The Mexican - Even though this got pretty crap reviews, I always thought Brad Pitt was pretty hilarious in it.  El Camino!

Labyrinth - A classic.  Who doesn't love David Bowie in stretchy pants?

Center Stage - This is one I should definitely have on DVD.  My sister and I used to quote it pretty heavily. "I'm all splotchy!"

Signs - I have a soft spot for old M. Night, okay?  Signs is a damn good movie.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - In high school I used to watch this movie every day.  Young Matthew Broderick is the cutest thing ever.

Vanilla Sky - A mind trip, to be sure.  I do love Cameron Crowe movies though.

Legally Blonde - Where would we be if Elle Woods never taught us how to bend and snap?

Mars Attacks! - I love the inherent cheesiness of this movie - and the young Natalie Portman as the first daughter!  She's always awesome.

Skipped Parts - A random little indie gem that I loved with Jennifer Jason Lee and a very young Mischa Barton.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Don't we all love this movie?  Our love fern!  You let it DIE!

Clerks - Kevin Smith's classic.  It's always been a dream of mine to go to Jersey and see the real Quick Stop.

Whipped - Another kind of random indie movie with Amanda Peet.  I looovve me some Amanda Peet.  I wouldn't mind seeing this one again just to see if it's actually any good.  I always thought it was pretty funny.

Mallrats - This one I actually have re-bought on DVD!  Love me some Jason Lee.

Slackers - Okay, more Devon Sawa.  You can never have too much Devon Sawa.  Bonus points for a young Jason Segel.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - Again with the Kevin Smith.  I miss having Kevin Smith movie marathons!

Bring it On - I may or may not have spent an entire day once watching all of the Bring it On movies.  The first is still the best though.  This isn't a democracy, it's a cheerocracy.  Well you're being a cheer-tator, Torrence!  And a pain in my ass!

Heartbreakers - Jason Lee in a non-Kevin Smith movie!  It's actually pretty funny, Ray Liotta is great in it.

Go - Oh I love Go.  It's like Pulp Fiction's little sister.

Boys Don't Cry - Not all goofy teen movies on this list!

Sugar and Spice - And we're back to the goofy teen movies.  You know, because sometimes cheerleaders have to rob banks.

Romeo + Juliet - Didn't we all want to be Claire Danes?  Leo has never looked yummier than in R+J.

The Mothman Prophecies - This scared the hell out of me when I saw it for the first time.  I love those eerie, based on a true story kind of horror movies.

The Ring - It's a terrible idea to watch this movie on a VHS tape.

Super Troopers - I don't want a large Farva, I want a goddamn litre of cola!

Dogma - Yes, I enjoy Kevin Smith.

Indiana Jones Trilogy - I always liked Temple of Doom best, then The Last Crusade, then Raiders.

I am Sam - Such a sweet, sad movie.

Jawbreaker - Oh I loooovvveee this movie!  So dark and twisty, and Rose McGowan is so awesome.

Laws of Attraction - Can't beat the Beek!  It's actually not a great movie, but I love Shannyn Sossamon.

Drop Dead Gorgeous - This movie is amazing, if you haven't seen it you need to check it out.  I love the whole mockumentary style, and the cast is just amazing.

Chasing Amy - Yay KS!

Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Here's a confession - I've never been crazy about this movie.  I always thought it was only okay.  Feel free to throw things at me.

Blair Witch Project - I still love this movie, it's still good and creepy.

The Princess Bride - Sigh, one of my all-time favourites.  I have it on DVD now, of course.  As you wish.

Nightmare Before Christmas - I could never decide if this movie should be watched at Halloween or at Christmas.  Thoughts?

Return to Oz - One of the all-time creepiest weirdest movies ever.  I always loved it as a kid, but in that way that I was also terrified of it.  If you've never seen it, you need to watch it.  Those wheelers will mess you up.

Grease - Grease is one of those movies that I loved in high school but have since grown to hate it.  Ugh, is there a more annoying movie in the entire world?

Pecker - Awww, I wouldn't mind watching this again.  Edward Furlong and Christina Ricci.  It's awesome.

The Good Girl - An awesome movie with an awesome cast.  Love Jennifer Aniston in this.

SLC Punk! - Woo!  More young Jason Segel!

I know that there were more, but I had already upgraded to DVD at the time, so I didn't bother to write them down.  This of course doesn't include the movies that I remember having recorded onto blank VHS from the TV (I can remember The Craft and Conspiracy Theory off the top of my head)  It's funny how many of these movies I would have completely forgotten about if I hadn't written them down.

What about you?  Any old high school favourites you've kept around for old times sake?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Vivian Vendredi - These boots were made for being worn constantly

 What is it with kids and rubber boots?  Vivian is obsessed with hers, I can barely ever get her to wear anything but.  I suppose it's mostly because she can put them on and take them off by herself, independent little devil that she is.

Luckily it hasn't been quite cold enough yet that she's needed to wear winter boots.  Which is good, because I haven't bought her any yet.  I'm hoping she'll take to the winter boots as well as she has to the rubber boots though.  I'm already planning on hiding her rubber boots until spring though, just in case.

 Any recommendation on winter boots for kids?  I figure I'll get her an Uggs-type of boot for the arena and stuff and then her heavier winter boots for playing in the snow.  She has kind of a fat upper foot area and flexes her foot a lot when you put shoes on her, which can make boots tricky.  I've been looking at the Crocs winter boots because they seem to really open up, so that might be good.  I'm open to suggestions!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


The best part about thrifting is that you never know when that perfect thing will come along.  That awesome find that you would have never expected in a million years.

So back in the summer, my friend Jenn and I were at Heist and we found this amazing set of vintage shot glasses.  Vintage shot glasses with bowling pins on them.  And vintage shot glasses in the original packaging.  Are you dying?  It's a Rumpus Set!  Love it so freaking much.

Jenn was the one who walked out with the set that day, picking it up with the intention of giving it to someone   as a gift one day.  I assumed she would give it to a friend of hers who is a huge fan of The Big Lebowski, but that sneaky lady gave them to me for my birthday.  She's so tricky.

But wait - it gets better.

Then on the weekend I decided to check out some thrift shops in Sarnia to get some variety.  While stopping in at the Bibles for Missions Thrift store, I couldn't believe what I saw!

That's six tall tumblers and two low ball glasses that perfectly match my shot glasses.

It's insane.  I was so freaking excited, I practically danced out of the store.  They were all priced strangely though - some were marked at $1 each, some were marked at 50 cents each, and some were marked at both.  I asked the lady at the counter if there was a package price for them and she said let's do 50 cents for each glass for a grand total of $4 for the set.  Freaking sold.

Sigh.  Such an awesome find.  But there's more!

I also stopped in to check out Value Village.  Now I've said before that VV can be a little pricey, and this time was no exception.  I did find this awesome vintage Pyrex casserole dish though, and even though it was a whopping $9.99, I couldn't leave it there.  I might have walked around the store hugging and petting it.  I might have whispered "My precious" once or twice, I'm not sure.

Isn't it pretty?  The colour and pattern are amazing - apparently it's the Blue Horizon pattern.  I love the mirror image of it all.

The third find came from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  And holy crap - is the Sarnia store ever amazing.  Huge amounts of furniture.  It was seriously at least twice the size of either of the London locations.  If you're looking for a piece of furniture, check there.  I must have fallen in love with about four desks and at least half a dozen dressers, as well as a couple of vintage armoirs.  There was an unbelievably cool $10 leather chair, but some lucky bastard had already laid claim to it.  Damn.

Anyway, while I didn't walk away with anything big, I did find these funny poodles.  I know, they're weird and hideous, but I think that some spray paint will modern them up a bit.  And for $4 for the pair, I thought it was worth the risk.  The cashier rang them in as $4 each though, and I was pretty quick to correct her.  These are definitely $4 poodles, not $8 poodles.  Obviously.

So that was my thrifty weekend!  Anyone else find any good deals?  There's a new antique market in town that I've been dying to check out.  Always nice to try a new location to mix things up!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Vivian Vendredi on a Lundi - Halloween!

Yes, it is nowhere near being Friday, but here's your Vivian Vendredi.  I was waiting to get her Halloween pictures and then get it scanned in so you could see the little butterfly in all her Halloweeny glory.  She had a great time for Halloween, even though it was terrible weather.  We only made it to 5 houses, and it took about 3 houses for her to get the hang of the whole thing.  One thing I've learned from trick or treating with Miss V?  She doesn't like to share.  She's gotten really mad at me for trying to sneak a Smartie or chip from her.  The girl likes her treats!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Things I Didn't Buy

I have this terrible habit when I go to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  I'll see something interesting, but can't decide if I should get it or not, so I leave it there.  Then it never fails that a day or so later I get a great idea for how to use said item, but by the time I go back to the store, it's gone.  There was the two sheets of awesome hex tile that I found for $4 a sheet - I couldn't think of anything to do with just two sheets of tile, but later thought of tiling a coffee or side table.  There was the box of cork floor tiles for $4.50 that I later realized would be awesome mounting in the kitchen as a giant bulletin board.  Both gone to some other lucky DIYer.

This week I checked out both ReStores in London and decided to take some crappy cell phone pictures of the things I liked but left behind - maybe you'll be lucky enough to scoop them!

First up was this beauty...

Oh I am a sucker for a roll-top desk.  And look at all those drawers!  It was in awesome shape and solid wood - all for $65.

I found one of these chairs on the side of the road, but you could buy this one for $50.

I wish I had a big mudroom to justify buying a bunch of lockers like this.  They had a bunch of different sets of lockers, but this huge one was only $80.

I've never seen a ReStore have such newish furniture - this amazing leather sectional was $800, and I would probably never leave it if it was in my living room.

They had a lot of different tool chests and boxes this time, including four or five of these bad boys.  It was a nice height so you could use the top as a bit of a work surface, and it was $75.  Do you know how expensive big tool chests are?  Stupid expensive.

Young House Love blogged a little while ago about their adventure hunting down an egg chair, and I found a super similar one for $59.  A little spray paint and a new cushion and you would be set!

Those were my big finds - we'll see if I regret not grabbing any of them in a week or so.  Or will you be running in to scoop one of them up?  Have you scored anything good at a ReStore before?