Saturday, 6 October 2012

Vivian Vendredi-ish - How to give a toddler coffee

If there's one thing that I've learned about toddlers, it's that you can never be sure how they'll react to something.  Vivian is really, really into her cars right now.  She loves her cars - especially her Little Tikes ones.  She calls them her "Beep Beeps" and loves to carry them around everywhere with her.  Usually when we're out somewhere I put them in her Hello Kitty purse so she doesn't have to hold them the entire time.  But when I finished one of those big resealable plastic Folgers coffee containers, I thought it would be the perfect spot for her to hold her cars so she can find them easily instead of digging through her toy bin.

Did she like this idea?  Oh no, she loved this idea.  Instead of just putting her cars in the little bucket and being satisfied with that, she had to carry the entire thing around the house with her, happily bringing her entire beep beep collection along with her every step.  Then we had to go to WalMart.  And did the bucket stay home?  Oh no, we had to go through WalMart with her bucket sitting beside her in the cart.  She was so darn proud of it.  Then the whole thing had to come into the bathtub wither her, of course.  My favourite part though was when she tried to balance the container on her cupholder of her car seat.  When it inevitably fell she was completely shocked and yelled, "Oh noooooo!"  It was pretty traumatic.

Between this and her obsession with buckles (seriously, the kid is obsessed with buckles right now.  She climbs back into the car after I get her out of her carseat so she can do the buckles back up) and now her obsession with a Folgers coffee can, she's well on her way to being the weirdest kid around.  I'm hoping that some stickers on the container will make it seem a little more normal, and not so much like she's a toddler with a serious coffee habit.

Also, I don't have a picture of Vivian and her coffee can, but I'll try to get one for next week.  This was Vivian today at Kusterman's farms playing in a bunch of corn, which she found thrilling, even though she was freezing.  Also, there's a huge blurry spot, which I thought was a problem with my camera, but I think now it was just a smudge on the lens.  I'm a genius.

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