Friday, 26 October 2012

Vivian Vendredi - Happy (almost) Halloween!

It's nearly Halloween, which means it's nearly time to wrestle Vivian into a costume.  Last year she was a shark, and this year she's supposed to be a butterfly.  I am, however, completely prepared for her to just go as an "Angry Toddler".  We'll see how we make out.  I got her this costume from Old Navy.  They seem to be the best bet for kids costumes - they're cheap and warm and comfortable.  I went with the butterfly because all the other costumes seemed to have a hood or a hat, and I figured that would be a recipe for disaster with Vivian, and the costume wouldn't make much sense.  At least with the butterfly she can take off the antennae and it will still make sense.  I am a little worried that she'll freak out about the wings though.  I'm still convinced that Vivian has sensory issues, so you never know how she's going to react to different clothes.  You should have seen the meltdown that happened when I put her in overalls.

Anyway, there's no big plans for Halloween - trick or treating at my mom's with her cousin and my mom's kids is the plan.  It's supposed to be cold and rainy so we might only get out to a couple of houses.  Hopefully I can manage to get at least one picture of her in the costume!

I was showing Vivian how we could take pictures of ourselves with the camera.  It actually went really well, and I got nice pictures like this one...

But then on our last picture, she decided to show me her eye (we're big on the "Where's your eyes?  Where's your mouth?  Where's your nose?" game.)  Resulting in this somewhat spooky shot.

Sorry to anyone who gets grossed out by eye stuff.

Happy Halloween!  Any tips on trick or treating with a toddler?

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