Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Vintage sheets put to good use

 I finally got around to hanging up my vintage sheet fabric boards!  I was intending to get some fancy pants Command picture hanging strips, but then I got cheap and lazy.  So instead I just used some heavy-duty velcro strips that I had instead.  They were cheaper, and are meant to hang things on the wall, only they're not as easy to remove.  I checked around online and it seems like it's easy enough to break down the glue to remove them at some point if I want to.  I'm not planning on moving them though, so whatevs.

I hung the big ones over the couch in the living room...

And get this - I actually used a level.  I feel so grown up and professional.  Look at how straight those boards are - it's a thing of beauty I tell you.

I hung the rest of the small boards in the master bedroom using my patented random planning.  I basically just threw them up there.  Seems to be working, and there's lots of room to add on in the future.

And I got those sheets up in Vivian's room too!  She loves them, she goes in and says "Hi baby!" to them.  She calls all other kids "Baby".

I was decidedly unfancy and precise with them.  I didn't want to do any cutting and sewing, so I just guessed at how much length I needed to loose, then folded them over and pinned them in place.  I used the old curtain rod from the master bedroom since it has the clips on the curtain rings, so I just clipped the sheets up there and called it a day!

They are thin, so they don't block much light, but I already have a darker sheet hanging behind them to act as a blackout curtain, so all is good.

What do you think?  Are people finally on board with my vintage sheets now?  Call me crazy, but I think they look awesome! (and are so cheap!)

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