Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Outfit of the Day - Fun with stripes

It's been awhile since I've done an outfit post!  I've been recycling a lot of outfits lately and just feeling kind of blah so I haven't gotten around to taking pictures.  I'll get back into the habit though!

Things have been cooler, so the fall wardrobe is out in full force.  Sometimes I get these ideas in my head of something that I need and I have to go on the hunt to get it.  Recently I got the bright idea that I needed to get the perfect black dress.  Something simple that could be dressed up or down, something that I could just swap out different tights and cardigans and boots to change it up.  It would be so simple, my whole winter wardrobe would be set.

Of course, the hunt for the perfect Little Black Dress can be one of those lifelong searches (see also - the search for the perfect white t-shirt).  So while I was searching I checked out Old Navy.  They're always good for cheap dresses that usually fit me well.  And while I didn't find a black dress, I found this black and white dress all by its lonesome.  

It was the only dress in that style.  It was on a rack with some other similar dresses that I had actually tried on before, but they were colour-blocked dresses, so they had a wide coloured band across the shoulders and a boatneck on it, neither of which work for me.  Those dresses were on sale for $20, but this one was still marked at $34.99.  Too pricey for me!  Of course I tried it on since it was the only one in the store and it  was a large.  I figured I would try it out - I never know with Old Navy sizes, sometimes I'm a medium, sometimes a large, sometimes and XL.  I try not to take it personally.

The dress freaking fit perfectly.  It's a bodycon dress, so it's meant to cling and hug in all the right places.  I couldn't believe how flattering it was (at least I thought so).  When you have curves at all, you're generally advised to stay far, far away from horizontal stripes.  This one works though.  And the best part?  It is so freaking soft and comfortable, it's literally as comfortable as laying around in my comfy clothes.

Turns out the dress was a return of an online-only style, so that's why there was only one.  And since it was basically the exact same as the dresses that were on sale, they let me have it for the $20!  Woot!

I've been pairing it with these blue tights and my black boots (they're this season's boots from Payless.  Payless seems to be the only place I can find boots to fit my monster calves).

So while it may not be the perfect Little Black Dress, I think it's the perfect Little Black and White Striped Dress.

What say you?  Do you dare wear horizontal stripes?  I recommend it!

Dress - Old Navy
Tights - Got them out of a clearance bin at Zellers
Boots - Payless

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