Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ocean Liner

Ever since moving in here, I've been on a slow quest to repaint all of the rooms.  It was never that there was anything really wrong with them, it was just that the colour choices of the previous owners were so "not me". Most of them weren't even colours (except for the two lime green bedrooms, whatevs).  Instead of real, rich colours, they were washed out, pale, non-colours.

Take the bathroom, for example.

It was blue, I guess?  But like the palest shade of blue.  Like a shade that makes you wonder why they even bothered.  And the worst part is I don't think they used kitchen and bath paint, so in certain spots the moisture was getting to it and the paint was cracking and spiderwebbing to reveals hints of the colour underneath - 80s burgandy.


So last week I finally decided to tackle the little bathroom before having family over for Thanksgiving.  Nothing like a little family judgment to get moving.

I picked out the paint colour over a year ago - Ocean Liner, from Sarah Richardson's line for Para Paints.

I loooove it.

I think it looks so much better against the white - makes everything look cleaner.  And yes, I took the colour right up onto the ceiling.  I'm actually a big fan of painting the ceiling the same colour in small bathrooms.  I tried to leave this one white, but it just looked bizarre to have the white ceiling against the rich walls and then have half a wall in white tile.  I dunno, it just felt wrong.

Plus, I'm kind of a lazy, sloppy painter, and painting the ceiling is easier than being careful.

I still have some little touchups to do, and could stand to redo the caulking around the tile to give me a cleaner line (I also have to re-caulk the tub, but I hate that chore).  I'm also considering painting the cabinet - maybe a light grey colour?  It just feels weird to me to have all that white on the bottom half of one wall.  Plus, I got a quart of mis-tinted paint for $2.50, and it's light grey and now I want to use it.

Have you been up to any painting lately?  Now I only have the office to paint and then the entire upstairs has been repainted.  I also think I might have to repaint the background on my poor John Locke picture - his green isn't really working with the room anymore.  Maybe he just needs a new home.

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PeaceandLoveJdub said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new colour! Can't wait to see it in person! You were totally right, huge improvement! Now we both have greenish bathrooms :)