Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I don't like blank walls and I cannot lie.

I've been doing some rearranging lately.  Not necessarily anything major, just kind of shuffling things around to see how they work.  I've been meaning to blog about it, but I've kind of been waiting until I'm happy with where things are before doing a reveal.

But now I'm kind of stuck.  Stuck with three overly large, overly blank walls and it's kind of driving me crazy.  What is it about a blank wall that irritates me so much?  My go-to response is to just do some sort of crazy arrangement of some sort on it, but I'm actually running low on things to hang on the wall, so I'm struggling.  I have a bunch of posters still, but I feel like because I'm turning 30 in a couple of weeks, I have reached the point where all posters should be in frames, and not just stuck on the wall.  

So anyway, I have this big boring blank slate in the bedroom...

Yes, I've set up a little hipster corner for myself.  More about that another day.

And the living room has this expanse of nothing...

And the other side of that wall is this the big green bore...

 Still not happy with that thing on the wall.  It needs a new mat and it's way too small for the space.

I still have all those boards that I wrapped in the sheets that I haven't hung up yet, but can't quite find a place for them.  I don't want a huge cluster of them in the living room, since my gallery wall is already in the living room and I feel like the two would be a little crazytown together.  I also don't think they should go in the kitchen, because the idea of hanging fabric on the wall where bacon is cooked seems like a recipe for disaster.  There is the chance of putting them in the bedroom, but I think the duvet cover might compete too much.  There may need to be some re-shuffling of the stuff in the office to accommodate them in there.

However, the three big sheet boards just might find a home in the living room.  What do you think?  I just leaned them up there before actually sticking them on the wall (because I'm too lazy to actually get a level and measure them out so they're evenly spaced.  It's much more my style to just girl-measure everything and eyeball it.  This is why I end up hanging everything in crazy gallery walls.)

I think that might solve the living room wall problem.  I keep considering some sort of painted accent wall somewhere (mostly the bedroom) but the idea of having an accent wall kind of freaks me out because then I feel like I can't rearrange the furniture, and I enjoy rearranging furniture often.

Any suggestions?  Anyone else struggling with massive expanses of blank walls?  Don't even get me started on the pit that is the basement.

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PeaceandLoveJdub said...

Fabric boards in the living room all the way! It won't be crazytown with the gallery wall, it's a big room - and it'll be cool to see when you walk through the door. I agree, no kitchen for those.
I hate blank walls also, that's why mine are covered :D p.s. accent wall's rule and do not hinder rearranging - I love my cranberry cobbler wall so!