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Fall 2012 TV thus far...

Don't judge me by what is currently on my PVR
So we're a few weeks into the new fall TV schedule and I've been doing pretty well to keep up with the shows.  Of course, there have already been some casualties.  I'm trying not to watch shows because I feel like I should watch them, and only watch because I actually enjoy them.  It's tough for me though, because I hate feeling like there is some major pop culture experience that I'm missing out on.

So here in no real order is a quick blurb on all the shows I've been watching.

Arrow - Wow, loved this pilot.  I thought it set up a great backstory without getting too bogged down, and it really set up some great stuff for the future.  The gratuitous shirtless training scene definitely helped.  Katie Cassidy is her usual awesome self, and she should be in every show.  I'm definitely signing up for more adventures with Arrow!

Modern Family - I wasn't totally sold on sticking with this show.  I kind of felt like it was running out of steam at the end of last season, but the first few episodes seem to feel fresh.  I'm not crazy about Haley just being around on webcam though (really?) and was pretty frustrated that there was a whole plotline about Cam needing to find a job because Lily is in school now, but no one ever questions Claire about being home when Luke is what, like 12?  Weird.

Nashville - We've only seen the pilot episode so far, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  A lot of critics are calling this the best show of the season, and while I'm not quite at that level yet, I'm definitely planning on keeping up with it for a few more weeks at least.

The Simpsons - I mean, come on.  The Simpsons is The Simpsons.  Either you buy into it or you don't.  I've given up my other Animation Domination shows (at least for now) but I can't give up on The Simpsons.  I thought this year's Treehouse of Horror was pretty decent, and it was nice to actually see it before Halloween for once.

30 Rock - I actually really like the direction they're taking 30 Rock for its final season.  I love that feeling of a show that is in its final season and knows it.  Everything seems to land a little bit better, because there's a definite goal in mind.  Long live Liz Lemon.

The Big Bang Theory - It's cute, it's light, it's fluffy.  I am a big fan of half hour comedies, they're just comfort food for me.  I do hope that they don't break up Penny and Leonard again though, only because I can't stand the sitcom will-they-or-won't-they dance.

Last Resort - While I really enjoyed the pilot, the following episodes didn't quite do it for me.  For now I've officially let go of this show, only because I found I would start doing something while I was watching it, and would have no idea what was happening.  It's still getting good reviews, although the ratings haven't been great.  TV is just so different now, that there are a lot of shows that I'm letting go on the basis of "If I find out later that it is worth watching, I'll just marathon through a season on DVD or Netflix or something."  

Grey's Anatomy - Oh Grey's.  The drama continues.  I don't like how there's all these new people wandering around, and I really wish that they had an end date for this show.  I really think that it's run its course.  I did love the one monologue that Cristina gave where she questioned how Meredith keeps going with all the terrible things that have happened to her and why she stays at that hospital when so many terrible things have happened.  Seriously, there is no way that anyone would be able to be anywhere close to normal if they had gone through half of that.  That place is getting a little ridiculous.

Glee - Glee.  You were on such thin ice with me for this season.  I was fully prepared to cut you loose, and now somehow I'm still watching.  You're on a short leash though.  There seem to be a lot of shenanigans in the wings just waiting to start.  I will not tolerate your shenanigans.

Fringe - Again, I love when a show is working towards an end date.  Fringe seems so driven now that there are only a handful of hours left and I am loving it.

SNL - I am so, so not looking forward to the Bruno Mars episode this weekend.  I just don't get Bruno Mars.  The Daniel Craig episode was pretty terrible, but Christina Applegate and Joseph Gordon Levitt were pretty great.  Really hoping for some Jon Hamm still!

Once Upon a Time - I actually wasn't totally loving Once at the end of the first season, but after the season 2 premiere, I am back in it.  I really like the new dynamic and storytelling devices, even though Emma is pretty much the dumbest thing ever and I can't stand her.  More Jefferson, please.

Happy Endings - Doesn't come back until next week!  But I'm going to go ahead and give it an A+, because it's always awesome.

Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 - Doesn't come back until next week either!  But I was just reading today that we're going to see a little bit of a crossover between Happy Endings and Don't Trust the B, so that should be fun.

Revenge - I'm really surprised at how well they are pulling off the second season.  After an unbelievable season finale, they have really changed things up, and yet it's the same old Revenge soapy fun.  Nolan has been awesome, Charlotte is distinctly less annoying, and there hasn't been as much Declan!  Hooray!

Boardwalk Empire - Can someone please tell me what the hell has been going on with Boardwalk lately?  It is so weird.  I just feel like I have no one to root for.  And it's so weird and disappointing because I love this show, like really love it.  I'm hoping it will start to build to something awesome and will be better as a marathon re-watch.

Dexter - After 2 subpar seasons, Dexter has actually been pretty decent this year.  I'm enjoying the new direction (especially after this week's episode) and I think they could really build to something great by the end of the season.  As with so many other shows though, I really think they need to wrap this one in plastic very soon - like 1 or 2 more seasons tops.  

666 Park Avenue - I'm actually loving this show.  It's creepy and campy and just kind of fun.  Terry O'Quinn is awesome, as per usual.  I have a feeling this show is going to break my heart though - it hasn't been getting great ratings and some are putting it on the bubble.  Check out this show!

Ben and Kate - This show is surprisingly cute and funny, plus it has a completely adorable kid.  It makes a perfect pair on Tuesday nights with New Girl and is quickly becoming a show that I really look forward to watching.

How I Met Your Mother - While it isn't for sure that this is the last season (there is a potential for one more) they are really moving forward like it could be.  It's the usual combination of funny and sweet, with that special combination of HIMYM mythology.

Partners - Again, a goofy, fluffy comedy, but I'm actually really enjoying it.  I find the cast to be really solid (including a surprisingly funny Brandon Routh) and the writing has been decent.  It's pretty formulaic and sitcom-y, but it's cute and really benefits from its timeslot.

2 Broke Girls - I love this show, even though it's also formulaic and sitcomy.  I just can't resist Kat Dennings.

Revolution - I hate to admit it, but I've dropped this show.  I really, really, really wanted to like this show, but I just couldn't click with it.  The weird yellow filters, the characters who seem to all look the same and somehow do nothing...I can't quite put my finger on it, but it just didn't work for me.  I wasn't looking forward to it, I missed an episode and didn't care...yeah.  Again, maybe it will be more of a marathon later and then I'll be fully supportive of season 2.  It's been getting great reviews and ratings, so we'll see.

The Mindy Project - I am enjoying this show so far, but not 100 percent loving it.  Something isn't quite right for me, but it's like 75 percent of the way there.  It's been picked up for a back half of the season though, so I'm hoping it will really find find its stride.

New Girl - Pretty much the cutest thing on TV.  It regularly has me laughing out loud, pausing and rewatching scenes and quoting lines to my friends.  Love this show.

Go On - NBC has not had a good track record with me this season!  While I thought this was okay, I just didn't care about it.  I love Matthew Perry, but I thought it hit a weird middle ground.  Too funny to be serious, too serious to be really funny.  With all the other great Tuesday comedies, I let this one go.

The New Normal - This show really got on my nerves.  While it had its funny moments (and Andrew Rannells is fantastic) it was just too politically charged for me.  Every episode just seemed to be too focused on proving a point.  I think it would be a better show if it ignored the politics and just focused on the family as being that "new normal" family.  Is that naive of me to think?  I'll just get my Andrew Rannells fix in January when Girls returns.

The Mob Doctor - Couldn't even make it through the pilot.  Sigh.

The Walking Dead  - I haven't gotten around to watching the season 3 premiere yet, but I've heard good things.  I really hope it is better than the snoozefest that was season 2.

Comic Book Men - It seems goofy and pretty heavily scripted, but I actually really like this show.  Probably mostly because I love Kevin Smith and have always wanted to go to Redbank to see the Secret Stash.  Yes, I'm the only person in the world who dreams of a vacation in New Jersey.

Vegas - I've let this one go too.  I find I get really bogged down with hour long shows and have to be really selective.  I liked the pilot, but it went downhill from there for me.  It was another show that I just found myself doing other things while watching it and all of a sudden 20 minutes would go by and I had no idea what was happening.  It didn't seem vintage enough for me - there were some scenes where you honestly couldn't tell that it was supposed to be in the '60s.  It just seemed inconsistent to me.

Elementary - Liking but not loving this.  I think the BBC Sherlock sets such a high bar that it's hard for anything else to compete.  I do love Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller, I think it's more that I'm not a huge fan of procedurals in the first place.  It definitely seems fun though, and they're promising that we won't see a gross Sherlock/Watson hook-up.

Scandal - I was actually prepared to drop this one, but it has me loving it now.  It's juicy and fun and sexy and doesn't make me cry like that other Shonda Rhimes show.  If you're not watching it, try to get caught up on the first season, it's really fun.

The Office - What was that about shows finding new life when they're faced with the final season?  I've been enjoying this final season so far even though it should have actually ended at least two seasons ago.

Up All Night - What happened to this show?  I loved this show last year and now it seems so weird.  Will Arnett is overly skinny and now there's this random brother character?  Couldn't we have just had Jason Lee back?

Parks and Recreation - Oh this show.  So fantastic, so well-written, so amazing.  I miss this one when there isn't a new episode.

America's Next Top Model - I had to let it go.  It was just too crazypants this year.  No Mr. or Miss J?  And no Nigel?  No thank you.

Suburgatory - Is on right now, as I'm typing this!  I do really enjoy this little show, again I love my half hour comedies!  Hopefully they can keep up the light/snarky feel that they established in the first season.

Is that everything?  I think that's all my shows.  Damn, I still watch a lot of TV.  Except for what you can see on my PVR screen up there - yes, I've developed a sick obsession with the Kardashians.  And yes, I record the old Batman episodes (Adam West!).  And yes, I record Bubble Guppies for Vivian.  No idea how I ever lived before the PVR.

What have you been enjoying this fall season?  Any new shows?  Had to drop any shows?  I always feel so badly when I have to give up on one.

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