Friday, 21 September 2012

Vivian Vendredi - Yep, that's how it goes

Yep, that's still how picture time goes around here.  I'll have to try to get her strapped into a chair or something to get some real pictures.

This week Vivian's been enjoying the fall weather by playing in the backyard in her rubber boots.  She loves those boots - I got them for her in the spring, and they finally fit her now.  So when she gets home from daycare, I usually send her out back to run and play a bit while I try to figure something out for dinner.  She's just starting to figure out how bubbles work (after a few disasters in the summer where there was much screaming after she couldn't figure out how to blow the bubbles and then just dumped the whole bottle out.  Then of course was even more furious that there were no more bubbles) so they've been a constant, messy companion in the backyard.  Since stuff like that is on sale right now, I got a big gallon for like $1.44.  I keep finding more and more little things on clearance to tuck away for her birthday and Christmas - at this rate her stocking will end up being a laundry basket!

Hope you're all enjoying the fall weather - I know I am!  Any tips on dressing toddlers in this weather? I find I'm at a loss every morning.  When I think it's going to warm up, and I put her in capris and t-shirt with a hoodie or jacket, it ends up pouring rain and being cold out.  And when I think it's going to be cool and wet all day, it ends up being 20 degrees and she's the kid stuck in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt.

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