Sunday, 16 September 2012

Vivian Vendredi-ish - Vivian's faves

 Things that Vivian is loving lately...

Putting keys into locks.  I want to get her one of those Melissa and Doug boards with all the latches and hooks and stuff.

Playing with cars, or "beep-beeps"
Helping in the kitchen with anything - washing dishes, making meals
Playing with daddy's guitar.  Santa might just have to bring her a little guitar of her own.
Colouring.  Constant, constant colouring.

Tearing the house apart
Drinking milk out of a cup!  She's been doing so well with just having milk in a bottle at nap/bedtime and one in the morning, then a cup of milk throughout the day.  Progress.
Throwing fits about getting dressed.
Putting herself in timeout when she needs a break
Anything with Buzz Lightyear on it
Giving big hugs and kisses

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