Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The cutest dress in the world - plus a Vivian flip book

Say hello to my new favourite dress, which I got last week on my Old Navy early birthday spree.  It's so cute and so comfortable, and I love the fit.  This was how I wore it last week when it was still warm out, then today I wore it again with tights - a great piece to transition to fall.  

The black splotches are actually little birds.

It's so nice to have a dress that I don't have to wear a tank top underneath.  Usually dresses are too low, or too see-through, or the arm holes are too big so I have to wear a tank underneath to keep things acceptable for public viewing.  This one is perfect though - just throw it on and I'm ready to go!

Please note Vivian in the background.  She loves moving chairs around to reach things right now.  In the pictures here she's standing on the chair to turn on the TV in her room.  She's too clever.

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