Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Bottomless Shopping Spree

 So my mom calls me at work yesterday and the conversation went something like this...

Mom - "I have two of those super cash things from Old Navy and they expire tonight, the spend $75, get $30 off ones.  Do you want them?  I don't want them to go to waste, it's like throwing $60 in the garbage."

Me - "Oh right, I have one too, spend $50, get $20 off.  Umm, I would take them, but I don't really have the money to spend right now to get the deal."

Mom - "But you can get like $150 worth of stuff for like $90 with mine."

Me - "Yeah, but..."

Mom - "What if I gave you the coupons and $150 to spend them?  It would be your birthday present.  But you have to drive down here to get them."

Me - "Well I guess I can't complain about that."

So I drove to my mom's after work to collect my coupons and early birthday money and then head back to London ready to do some damage at Old Navy.  I was thinking about buying Vivian's Halloween costume and some other stuff, but in the end I figured I would just splurge on myself, since it was my birthday present.  Just so you know, this officially means that my birthday season has begun, so people can feel free to spoil me between now and approximately two weeks after my birthday.  (Yes, my birthday isn't until October 29th)

Of course, because of the way the coupons worked, I had to break things up into three separate transactions, so it was a lot of "Okay, ring in these three things then tell me what the total is."  And then throwing in a $5 camisole to help boost things over so I could use the coupon without spending money I didn't need to.

So here are my three separate transactions - I think I did pretty well, and now I have lots of pretty new things to wear for the fall/birthday season.

Transaction #1

New leopard print flats - Regular $20.94, I paid $13.45
Coral (it looks orange, but it's coral) cardigan and purple cardigans - Regular $21.94, on sale for $15, I paid $9.64 each.
Green camisole - Regular $5, I paid $3.21

Total cost of transaction #1 - $40.61.  I saved $33.88

Transaction #2

Green and navy polka dot sweater - Regular $27.94, I paid $20.48
White polka dot sleeveless top - Regular $27.94, on sale for $19, I paid $13.93
White camisole - Regular $5, I paid $3.67
Purple striped top - Regular $14.94, on sale for $8, I paid $5.86
Black and grey baseball style top - Regular $14.50, on sale for $10, I paid $7.33
Teal camisole (yes, it's different than the green one) - Regular $5, I paid $3.67

Total cost of transaction #2 - $62.08.  I saved $40.38

Transaction #3

I had to drive across town to the other Old Navy for this one, because I was bound and determined to get that dress!

Leopard print top - Regular $32.94, I paid $23.90
Green cardigan - Regular $21.94, on sale for $15, I paid $10.89
The cutest darn dress with little birds on it ever - Regular $32.94, on sale for $25, I paid $18.15

Total cost of transaction #3 - $59.82.  I saved $34.88

I'm super happy with my purchases.  I'm big on getting things that I can wear to work and on the weekends.  I don't like super-specific clothes.  But I realized afterwards that I didn't really get anything for my lower half.  I've always been a big shirt purchaser though - pants shopping is the worst, and once you have a couple of pairs of jeans that you love, you can just pair them with whatever assortment of tops and no one will even notice that you've been wearing the same pair of jeans for 2 weeks without washing them.  Plus, I tried on a pair of those coloured skinny jeans and it did not end well.  Looking like you're just walking around on two emerald green tubes of cellulite?  Not the best look for me, thank you very much.

Have you had any shopping sprees lately?  Old Navy has their kids and baby sale on now - 30% off everything, so get your Halloween costumes!  Can you ever have enough cardigans and camisoles?  How long does your birthday last?  Mine is typically a week minimum.

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