Monday, 10 September 2012

So about those sheets...

So for the record, I maintain that using vintage sheets is no different than wearing thrifted clothes or sleeping on sheets in a hotel.  Whatever.

But you (and by you, I mostly mean my mother) will be relieved to hear that I came up with a better idea for how to use my pretty pretty vintage sheets.

I have some weird walls going on over here.  There's one long wall between the kitchen and living room that is kind of an odd size for hanging things on, and I've never really known what to do with it.  Then I saw this idea on Life as a Thrifter and thought, "Huh, what a great and cheap way to gussy up an awkward wall.  If only I had a bunch of cool fabrics...wait a minute!"

Sadly I don't have a lovely collection of vintage skirt hangers like she does, but I had another idea.  I got myself to Walmart and the Dollar Store and scooped up a few big sheets of foam core, along with some various sized canvas boards.  They're super cheap - You can get packs of 2 for like $1.25 for the smaller ones at the Dollar Store, the foam core boards were $1.25 each, and I got a three pack of the 11x14 sized ones for like $4 at Walmart.

Then it was just a matter of laying out the fabric, cutting it down to size, wrapping the boards like a present and securing it in the back.  I originally was going to try securing it with some form of spray adhesive or hot glue gun, but that seemed too messy.  I thought about my staple gun, but the boards were too thin.  So instead I settled for good old fashioned duct tape.  The duct tape allowed to me stick it just to the fabric at first, then really pull it tight before securing it down.  It holds nicely, and will be easy to switch things out if I ever want or need to.

So now I have this lovely assortment of boards!  The largest ones are my favourite, the foam core covered in the geometric sheets.  I would love to hang just the three of them together as a big statement.  Because they're foam core, you could also use them as a message/bulletin board kind of thing.  I'd like to hang the smaller ones in a random cluster kind of deal - I'll definitely post pics when I figure out what to do!

The best part is that because they're all super light (especially since the biggest ones are only on foam core, so they weigh hardly anything at all) I'll be able to hang them up with just some 3M removable adhesive dealios instead of having to anchor them in any kind of way.  Easy peasy, and pretty darn effective if you ask me!

P.S. - Yes, my camera is making weird bars and lines on the pictures.  I may have to start making oil paintings of my crafts and stuff in the future the way my camera is holding up.

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