Tuesday, 25 September 2012

It's better to be weird than boring.

"It's better to be weird than boring" is my favourite bit of advice from my mom.  She probably doesn't even remember telling me it, but it came from a stage when I loved to clean the bathroom.  I remember scrubbing the tub with Comet and just thinking it was the greatest thing in the world.  I also remember loving to clean other people's houses.  This was when I was a kid, like 9 maybe?  The love of cleaning bathrooms has faded away, but I do still love to clean other people's houses.  (What is the deal with that?  Why is it so much more entertaining when it's someone else's stuff?  I cleaned motel rooms for a short period of time, and even that wasn't too terrible.)  Anyway, we all have our little quirks that make us weird, which is always better than just being boring.  So here are some of the things that keep me from being boring.  Please tell me that you share some of them.

I hate busy gas stations.  Like can't stand them.  Like even if I'm about to run out of gas and I pull up to a gas station with people at every pump and people waiting for pumps and there's crazy drivers backing up to a pump, I'll just leave.  I would rather run out of gas than deal with that craziness.

I get weird anxiety about unfamiliar grocery stores, gas stations and variety stores.  It's like I think everywhere has a different rule.  I hate that feeling of walking into a gas station to pay and not knowing which side of the store has the counter.  Even if that feeling only lasts a split second, I hate it.  I prefer to use gas stations and variety stores that I know well, and know where things are.  If I'm unfamiliar with them, I'll just keep driving until I get to a "safe" one.  Same with grocery stores.  I hate wandering around not knowing where to find anything.  It makes me feel very uncomfortable and exposed. 

If I know ahead of time that I'm going to a particular restaurant, even if it's one that I've been to a million times before, I'll check out the menu online ahead of time.  Nine times out of ten I'll arrive at a restaurant, give the menu a cursory glance (just to make sure that everything is still the same as the menu online) and then order my pre-determined meal.  I rarely, if ever, order a special.  Too much pressure!  I need to know in advance what I want to eat, so I can get excited about it.

When eating a box of chocolates, there are certain rules to be followed.  First and foremost - never lose the chocolate map.  Tattoo that thing on your arm if you need to.  Second - you never, ever start to eat the bottom row of chocolates until the top row has been eaten.  I know, I know.  There's only crappy ones left on the top row.  That's part of the challenge.  You have to find people to finish off those crappy ones in the top row before you can attack the bottom section where the sweet peanut butter/mocha/strawberry ones are waiting.  Seriously, I get anxiety if someone steals a chocolate from a bottom section.

If I see someone I know out in public, like maybe someone from high school that I haven't seen in a long time, and unless they approach me or make like direct eye contact with me, I probably won't approach them.  I have this fear that no one will remember me or recognize me and then I'm that pathetic person saying "Remember?  Ashlie?  From high school?  In Forest?  Remember?"  Oddly enough though, even though I have anxiety about talking to people I actually know in some way, I have no anxiety about rambling on and on with random people that I encounter throughout the day.  Seriously.  Spend a day shopping with me and you'll learn the life stories of several cashiers throughout the day.  At the very least I'll end up openly mocking a stranger for no good reason.

Well, I'm sure there are many (many, many) more examples, but I think this is enough of my crazy being shared with the world for today.  But because I shared all of my social anxieties with you lovely readers, you get to do the same for me!  What's your weirdest trait?  Do you have rules when it comes to chocolates too?  Someone has to be with me on some of these.  And if I ever avoided contact with you in a store, I apologize.

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