Thursday, 20 September 2012

Free is best!

Sometimes I'll get the most random ideas in my head.  Somewhere along the line in the last few weeks, probably during a Pinterest binge, I got the idea that I needed a whole bunch of National Geographic magazines.  I've always loved the look of those stacks of yellow magazines adding a pop of colour on a bookshelf, table, or mantle.  So where to go for a bunch of old magazines?  Freecycle, of course!  I posted my request and within a couple of days I got a response from someone with two boxes in their basement.  A quick detour on my way home from work one day, and I had a lovely stack of mid 80s/early 90s National Geographics.

The best part is if I ever need some cheap art, there's plenty of lovely pictures to choose from!  Just cut 'em out and slap 'em in a frame!

Do you ever get random obsessions like this?  Any good freebies from Freecycle or anywhere else?

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