Friday, 31 August 2012

Vivian Vendredi - That Crazy Little Face

In Vivian news this week...

She got a haircut, since she doesn't like having it put in a ponytail.  My mom put it perfectly - she has no business having so much hair.  So she got the big chop.  Much easier for all around.

She's crazy about colouring.  Her new trick is to hand you a marker so you can come to the easel with her to draw.  She usually requests that you draw a kitty.  And in my case, she then freaks out because the kitty isn't up to her standards.

She loves her new Toy Story sippy cup.  She's obsessed with Buzz Lightyear right now.  The other day I was loading dishes into the dishwasher and she kept saying "Eee-ah!  Eee-ah!"  I couldn't figure out what her deal was, so I let her get what she wanted out of the dishwasher.  Turns out "Eee-ah!" is actually "Yee-ha!" because Cowgirl Jessie is on the cup, and her Cowgirl Jessie doll says that.

She hasn't been napping much at daycare.  I'm blaming it on the Blue Moon.

She's obsessed with the camera, which makes it impossible to take a decent picture of her.  They all end up being of her screaming and reaching for the camera.  I did manage to get a few pictures with the webcam though.

Yes, she is covered in cuts and bruises.  That's just how this kid rolls.

In other news - I'm going away for the weekend!  Going to Montreal for a weekend with the girls.  I'm super excited about it, but also super sad about leaving Vivian.  This will be the longest I've been away from her.  I put her to bed Thursday night and I probably won't see her again until Monday morning unless she's still up when I get home on Sunday.  As much as that kid drives me crazy, I'm definitely going to miss that crazy little face!

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