Thursday, 23 August 2012

Thrifty Goodness!

I don't usually go for clothes when I'm in a thrift store.  I have to be in a pretty specific mood to be ready to dig through the racks looking for a gem.  Plus, it's so much easier to just head down to Lovesick where the whole store is filled with vintage goodness.  I've also been doing most of my thrifty visits on lunch breaks, so I'm on a bit of a time limit.  Today I had the urge to check out Talize.  Things were pretty picked over since they had a 50% off sale on Monday - which I missed, urgh.  But I did find some pretty awesome treasures in the men's t-shirt section.

Men's tees can be an awesome place to score some finds.  A cool t-shirt might not fit you exactly, but if it's got a good design on it, you can transform it into a pillow or a bag or even frame it.  Somehow I ended up with three awesome shirts that I can actually wear though, so it was totally my day.  Oh, and each shirt was $1.99 - total score.

First up...

My maiden name (well, actually it's still my last name since I haven't really gotten around to changing my name) is Hawkins.  My dad gets called Hawk.  My brother is Hawkx.  My sister even gets Hawks or Lil Hawks.  Me?  I'm Ashlie.  I'm not cool enough to pull off my own family nickname.  Maybe wearing this shirt will force people to call me Hawks though.  It's actually a great shirt, and fits really nicely.  Also, here's a tip - if you like wearing men's/boy's shirts like I do, you might notice that the collars can be really high and tight.  Just snip out the collar of the shirt (it's easier if you flip it inside out) and it fits much better and seems more girly.  I don't know if you can tell on the picture above, but I already clipped out the collar.

Next up...

Yay!  Remember back in January when I was missing this shirt from my collection?  After months of checking eBay, I finally found one in Talize!  Hooray!

And finally...

Ooh, I love this bad boy.  Let's take a closer look, shall we?

That's right.  A vintage men's V-neck from the Kennedy Space Center.  It's awesome.  The tag is almost completely worn away, and it's definitely vintage, not some weird replica from American Eagle or anything.  I grabbed it not even caring if it fit or not, but was very pleasantly surprised to see that it gives me that perfect vintage fit - tight in good places and loose in good places.  I love love this shirt.  Think I can pull off wearing it to work for casual Friday?

I'll be sure to do outfit of the day posts with the shirts too so you can see them in action.  I might wear the Kennedy shirt out to see a late-night viewing of The Big Lebowski tomorrow, actually.

And last but not least, something a bit different.  I didn't score these at Talize, but they're a find anyway.  I went back to Heist a couple weeks ago to get these glasses that I had passed up.  They're so freaking Don Draper awesome, I couldn't resist.  And at $10 for a set of 4, I was smitten.

That leather/copperish band around the glass can just pop right off so you can just wash the glasses.  They're so amazing - who wants to have a Scotch with me?  But not really, because Scotch is terrible.  Maybe I'll pull a Julian and walk around holding one of these bad boys with some rum and Coke.

So those are my recent finds - have you found anything good lately?  What's your favourite thrifted clothing item?  I had an awesome navy blue Hang Ten shirt with thin red stripes on it in high school, and I just loved it.  It was the absolute softest shirt ever.  Sigh.

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