Monday, 13 August 2012

Outfit of the Day - I'm extra tall today!

I did some shopping on the weekend.  Some real wandering around the mall with no rushing shopping.  It was so weird, and so lovely.  One of the things that I picked up (I really didn't get a lot, but it was still a big deal) were these impulse buy shoes from Aldo.  They were on clearance ($38!) and I was being drawn to that coral colour all day, so it was just meant to be.  I wore them to work today like this, but I can't wait to wear them out in Montreal in a few weeks.  I have an awesome new blue dress that I think will look smashing with them!

Most of the time I wear flats anymore, but it is fun to wear some giant shoes like this and be extra tall for a day!

See how pretty?  How could I walk away from them?!  They are actually meant to have an ankle strap, but my big ole cankles couldn't fit in there, so off they went!  I also had to add a heel cushion since they're a 10 and just a smidge too loose without the stupid ankle strap.

Anyone else scoop any deals on the weekend?  I also randomly ordered a pair of clearance ankle boots from the Aldo website, more on that when I can wear them.  And I finally got a new pair of jeans!  Woot!  Can't wait to wear them, maybe even with the coral lovelies!

Cardigan - Walmart
Tee shirt - Smart Set
Skirt - Zellers
Shoes - Aldo

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Nina J said...

I love the shoes--you could buy some nice ribbon to make your own ankle straps!