Thursday, 16 August 2012

I Heart Spray Paint

Remember my adorable but sad typewriter table that I was lucky enough to find at Heist?

Well I took some spray paint to it and it's looking much happier now!

I did a coat of grey primer, then a coat of a sage green colour.  In most of the pictures that I've found, old tables like this seem to be either the grey or green colour.  I almost kept it grey, but I wanted a colour to contrast with my beige $1 typewriter.

See how happy they are together?  I don't have a good place for it yet, so it's just in a corner in the basement.  One day it will have a special spot though!

See?  They're BFFs.

Done any good spray painting lately?  Or any good thrifting finds?  I went back to Heist for that fantastic set of glasses I'd seen there - maybe I'll do a post about them soon!

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