Monday, 6 August 2012


 I love finding new little shops to love, and I found a great one on the weekend.  Heist is a new place in Wortley Village that I've been meaning to get out to for a couple of weeks after finding a post about it on a Mid-Century Modern London facebook group that I'm a member of.  (You can find it here if you wan to join us!)  Heist is sharing a space with a glass studio in Wortley, and has most of their stuff outside on the weekends to draw people in - and does it ever work!  Just a quick drive by had me at hello, I couldn't wait to check out all the lovely things!

So after a quick walk in oppressive heat (there was a yard sale in Wortley that I wanted to check out too - and yes, I drove all the way to London just to hit a yard sale and check out Heist) I was at Heist and firmly in my happy place of petting all the lovely furniture and accessories.  They have an awesome selection of vintage/industrial/retro/whatever kind of stuff - totally up my alley.  He has all these amazing, like beat yourself over the head because they're just so darn beautiful foundry carts that are just begging to be my coffee table in the super swanky loft that I don't live in.  You know, if I didn't have a small child who would no doubt get their feet broken by running the cart over themselves or something.

Anyway, what I did find was this cool little tool box...

(Insert box joke here)

I loved the colour of it, and the divided top tray with lots of space underneath.  Why have a junk drawer when you could have a pretty little junk box?

I was more than happy to shell out my $10 for that little beauty, and as I was paying I mentioned to Paul, the owner, that I was from his Facebook group and was so glad that I'd finally stopped in.  He's super nice, and asked if there was anything I was looking for, so he knew what kind of stuff people were interested in.  So I mentioned that I've been looking for a typewriter table.  Nothing fancy, just a little metal table with the flip down sides.  He tells me that he just had a super nice one that would raise and lower, but he just sold it in Toronto.  Cue the womp-womp music in my head as I assume that I'll never come across one.  Then he says that he just so happens to have another one that he hasn't even had a chance to clean up yet, and it's in his van right now.

So I, like any wise woman out on her own with a small child, followed him around the side of the store to his non-descript white van.  Totally safe.  And there, inside, was this sad little gem.

Just what I'd been looking for.  $20 later, it was mine, dirt and all.

 I can't wait to get it cleaned up and throw some spray paint on it so it can hang out with my $1 typewriter.  And I really can't wait to check out Heist again!  I had my eye on a set of totally Don Draper glasses with a leather band around them (they were so pretty, I'm hoping they'll still be there when I make it back!) and I can't wait to see what else he gets in in the future.  Do yourself a favour - check out his Facebook group (I linked it up top, but I'll do it again here) and then check out the store in person when you're out and about!  But don't buy all the good stuff, leave some for me!

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