Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Would you be insulted?

So last week, before heading to that wedding I mentioned, my friend Jeannette and I hit up Earls for some dinner.  We'd been there a couple of times for appetizers together, and she'd already tried it for dinner, but I hadn't.  I was pumped.  I can't remember the last time I went to a nice restaurant for a full dinner - and a meal out without Vivian throwing everything on the floor?  Heaven.

So we sit down and order our drinks - wine for Jeannette, and a beer for me.  I love their in-house beer, Albino Rhino.  Earls is one of those restaurants with sexy girl waitresses who wear short skirts and see-through tops.  Some people hate that, but I've found all of the waitresses to be super nice and friendly and really genuine.  The last time I was there my waitress was raving about their Bronx Burger and how amazing it was and how I just had to try it because it's the greatest burger on Earth.  Now this waitress had also mentioned that she'd recently lost 85 lbs (Can you imagine?  Losing that much weight and then getting a job as a hot waitress?  How amazing is that?  I thought it was awesome) so I trusted her opinion on food.

Anyway, for this visit we ended up with a waiter.  He was nice enough, in that jokey kind of way.  I'm one of those people who way over-talks to waiters and waitresses.  I'm all about the banter.  So when he came to take our orders, I asked him what he would recommend - the Bronx Burger, or the Grilled Chicken and Baked Brie Ciabatta.  I'm a sandwich person, what can I say.

His recommendation?

The Champagne Berry and Spinach Salad with Grilled Chicken.

*Record Scratch*

Say what?  I ask you if I should get the massive burger that has handmade onion rings on it, or a chicken sandwich on a big fatty ciabatta bun smothered in brie and you recommend a salad?  Just what are you getting at, son?  And I ordered a BEER.  Who the hell orders a beer and then gets a salad?

PLUS, it was a $17 salad!  I'm sorry, but the burger was $15.75, and it came with fries.  I cannot justify spending that much money on a salad, I don't care.  I'm sorry, but I'm not the type of girl who orders a salad when there are delicious burgers to be had.

So I ordered my burger and fries.  And it was fucking fantastic.  And I still left him a decent tip, even though the salad thing was kind of a dick move.

Or am I being too sensitive?  Was he just trying to be helpful, or would you be insulted too?

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