Thursday, 5 July 2012

What time is it? It's time for crafts!

So I've mentioned before how Vivian is crazy for the Bubble Guppies.  She loves the show, and asks for it all the time.  It's weird though, because there still isn't much merchandise on the market - just some colouring books and a DVD (of course we own it all).  So when I came across this template on the official Bubble Guppies website to make an easy doll, I foresaw a future where Vivian would tote around her own handmade Bubble Guppy doll that I made with love.  And even when the official toys were out on the market, she would love this one more because I made it for her.

So after some time spent with some felt, scissors and my glue gun (with a little extra help from a needle and thread) I had a completed Molly doll.

I had a couple of false starts and had some parts I needed to re-do, because apparently I can't follow simple directions on a craft designed for children, but the point is that I made it, it's done and Vivian won't see the imperfections, right?


Vivian, snob that she is, won't even touch the thing.  I'll wave it around in her face while she's watching  Bubble Guppies and she won't even acknowledge its existence.

Damn that kid.

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