Friday, 27 July 2012

Vivian Vendredi - Yum-No

Vivian is good and independent at many things.  Eating is not one of them.

She's a terrible eater.  Like insanely bad.  Like it's not unusual for her to go all weekend without actually eating any solid food.  It's not just that she's picky, she just doesn't like to eat food sometimes.  I've seen her spit out cake and ice cream before.  If she doesn't want food in her mouth, it doesn't stay there.

Here she is at dinner.  She actually ate a few bites tonight, so it was pretty successful.  This picture shows how pretty much all meals end around here - with her ripping off her tray and throwing her plate on the floor.  It's pretty fun.

And yes, she's also covered in black marker.  Things like that happen.

The weirdest thing is that she really likes to pretend to eat.  She'll sit there with her spoon or fork and pretend to lift a bite to her mouth, then "eat" it and say "Mmmmm!" and do a little shimmy in her seat to show how good the air is.  Maybe it's my cooking?

Whatever it is, it's beyond annoying.  Any suggestions?  Apparently she eats fine at daycare, so this is just a game for me.


Anonymous said...

Lily is the same way. I wouldn't worry about it - Sheri

Micaela said...

She has so much hair! Wow!

Casey's a good eater, but all my friends with girls say that they are bad eaters. Weird! I don't think any of them have found anything that helps... just gotta wait it out I guess. Everyone loves food eventually!