Friday, 13 July 2012

Vivian Vendredi - Do the potty dance?


Vivian has been playing a new game at daycare.  It's called "Pull the tabs off of your diaper in your pants while you're napping so you manage to pee everywhere without actually taking the diaper off."  

It's been a pretty big hit.

So I've been wondering if it's time to get a potty.  I don't necessarily think that she's going to start actually potty training, but maybe it's time to have one around for her to get acquainted with, especially since she's already obsessed with wearing Pull-Ups.

But ugh.  As much as I would love to see the day where I don't have to buy diapers anymore, I am completely dreading the whole potty training thing.  It just seems so hard and so messy and annoying.

And no, the pictures don't have anything to do with this post.

Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?  Anyone want to do this for me?


Micaela said...

I've considered buying a potty for Casey too (he's 18 months.) There was a pin going around about potty training your 18 month old and I was considering doing it this summer... then I came to my senses. I think I'll get one and introduce him to it and let him take it from there. If he's interested, great, if not, great.

PS - Rock the Road 10K - You should totally do it with us!!!

JennO said...

Callum never really came around to potty training until we bought an actual potty. I stubbornly refused. I didn't want him pooping on a potty in my living room. The thought really bothered me. Potty training means, "bathrooming," right?


As soon as we bough that cursed potty (which btw was $40.00—outrageous!), Callum started using it. I still loathed having to dump a little pot of poop or pee into the bigger pot and flush it, plus clean the little pot, but it did work. Due to my real dislike for the potty, it only stuck around for a month or so...just long enough to get him used to using the potty. Also long enough to make it worth it:)