Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Outfit of the Day - Camouflage for the office

Stupid summer.  It's been hot.  SO HOT lately.  I'm literally just cycling through the same 4 dresses Monday to Thursday, then rolling up jeans on Fridays for my work wear.  Not a whole lot for outfits these days.

But, you haven't seen this dress yet!  I'm actually pretty proud of this dress, because it's one of the rare items in my closet that I actually paid full price for.  It was one of those glorious days when I was flush with income tax return money.  Ah, yes.  Back in the days of still having tuition credits to claim on my income tax.  How I miss those days.

Anyway, I saw this dress in the mirror at Mexx and had to have it.  I was just about to begin my job in London and thought it would be perfect for the spring.  Over five years later, I still wear it on a regular basis.  Well worth the investment.

I love how it's a floraly print, but because of the colours it comes off as kind of an office-friendly camouflage.  Unfortunately, it doesn't help me blend in with my desk.

I also like it because even though it says "Dry clean only", it's totally fine with getting washed and laid flat to dry.  Score.

Dress - Mexx.
Tank - Smart Set
Shoes - not pictured, got kicked off at the door.  But they're the same old Aldo sandals that I've been living in.


Micaela said...

I love clothes like that, that you still love years later! That hardly ever happens to me... I get sick of clothes SO fast. Probably why I have basically stopped shopping!

And good for you for wearing a dress! It's so hot these days that I basically wear the same Lululemon tank top every day.

Micaela said...

PS I'm just reading back some of your posts. You went to Talize at lunch.. um where do you work?! I'm walking distance from Talize!

ashlie said...

I work at the POA court, Micaela! The traffic court on Dundas at Rectory. I'm always finding places to go on lunch that gets me out of that neighbourhood!

ashlie said...

Oh, and dresses are key in the hot weather. People think you're fancy, but really you're lazy because you don't have to match tops and bottoms.