Tuesday, 24 July 2012


So tonight I went to see The Dark Knight Rises (again) in IMAX.  It was unbelievable - it demands to be seen in IMAX.  Go immediately.  I'll go with you if you want.

Anyway, while I was waiting to meet up with my friends, I had some time to kill.  So I settled myself down with a magazine (Wired), a podcast on the iPod (The Joe Rogan Experience) and a snack (Grande iced coffee with milk and Splenda, chocolate chip cookie) and sat down at a table outside of Starbucks at Masonville.  While I was getting settled in, a guy walked up to me.  Here's the exchange.

Weirdo - "Hi there, what time do you have?"
Me - "Uh, 4:31ish.  *Check my cell phone to confirm time in case my watch is lying to me.*  Yep, 4:32."
Weirdo - "Oh, okay."
Me - "Are you early, or late?"
Weirdo - "Huh?  What?"
Me - "I asked if you were early or late."  *Begin to wonder why I bother talking to strangers.*
Weirdo - "Oh.  Hey, do you know any places that do cleaning?"
Me - "Cleaning?  Like house cleaning, or dry cleaning or something?"
Weirdo - "Yeah, like house cleaning."
Me - "Uh, no, sorry.  I have to do my own cleaning."
Weirdo - "Oh, okay."

Then he just walks away.

My initial thought was this guy totally has a dead body somewhere that needs disposing.  My second thought was that "Cleaning" was some sort of slang term that I'm not familiar with and he was making some sort of bizarre proposition.  Help me out here, what the hell was this exchange?

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