Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Yard Sale Big Leagues

Big event this Saturday.  One I've been waiting for all year.

Kilworth yard sale time, bitches.

Last year I went to check out the Kilworth town-wide yard sales and was completely unprepared.  I figured I would go with Vivian in her sling and just check it out for an hour or so before her swimming lesson.  Here's your first tip for surviving the Kilworth yard sales - there is no such thing as just checking it out for an hour.  And you definitely shouldn't go with a baby hanging off of you.

Picture, if you will, a beautiful subdivision filled with those big, gorgeous new constructions homes.  Now picture those idyllic streets lined with parked cars and thousands of people milling around while more than 160 families have yard sales.  The streets are taken over by pedestrians as people walk, bike, roller blade, even tool around in golf carts all in an effort to find some treasures.

It's madness, I tells ya.  I've never seen anything quite like it.  There's even a food booth being operated by the Optimist Club so you can grab some sustenance while you're going door to door like it's Halloween, only with people's junk.

And it's good junk too.  Rich people junk is awesome.

So on Saturday morning I'll be prepared with some cash (although not prepared to part with much of it), good shoes and a backpack for any goodies I find along the way.  Will I see you there?  Don't mind me if I elbow you to get to something good - I've got a blog to maintain here, people.

I'm going to try to take some pictures for those of you who can't make it out - seriously, it's insane.

So tell me - what are your garage saling secrets?  Do you pack a snack to keep your energy high?  Do you head out with something you're looking for in mind, or just go with the flow?  Show up early, or swing by in the afternoon when morale is low to score a deal?  I do admit to keeping my money in multiple pockets.  That way I can pull the old, "Oh, you want $10 for it?  I only have a $5 on me..." and be able to pull out a single bill instead of accidentally pulling out a $20 after I've been super cheap.  Let me know your tricks, I told you one of mine!

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lisaampraill said...

I had a blast, planning to put it on the calendar for next year :)