Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wrap it up

There's like nothing on TV right now (I'm still working on a big post for the new shows that are coming out in the fall, don't worry!) so I've been doing lots of purging, organizing and finishing up of little projects.  Here's what I was working on tonight!

I bought this old map off of Etsy ages ago.  Then I stuck it in a cheap frame and never bothered to put any kind of mat around it or straighten it after the cat knocked it off the wall or anything.  Here's an old picture to see it in all its crooked glory.

It was just the plain cardboard backing behind it, not the best.

So of course I tried to spray paint it, but the cardboard was soaking up the paint like crazy so I had to try something different.  Instead, I grabbed a bit of wrapping paper that I had laying around.  Technically, it was Christmas paper, but it's a subtle green with a plaid on it, so I figured it could work with anything.

So I wrapped the whole carboard backing with the paper and taped the shit out of it.  Luckily I had just enough paper to do the trick.

Now it actually looks pretty decent.  I didn't measure or anything when I put the map back in (I did use some glue spots to hold it in place this time though) because I just eyeball everything up because I'm too lazy to go find a level and/or ruler.

Of course the pictures are crap because the camera is crap.  So you should probably just come over and have a beer with me to see it in person.

Are you up to any projects lately?  Or have you done anything unusual with wrapping paper?  Pretty wrapping paper is always a welcome craft item!


Sara said...

"Taped the shit out of it" - that's a technical term right? Haha!

I love using resources already on hand to make things looks better, great job!

You don't have any summer shows to watch? I'm gearing up for True Blood and Franklin and Bash started on Tuesday.

ashlie said...

I'm definitely gearing up for True Blood too, Sara! Other than that though, it's just the Bachelorette and SYTYCD for me basically! I watched some Franklin and Bash last year, but our provider in Canada carries it on a different schedule than when it airs in the states. Love me some MPG!