Friday, 29 June 2012

Vivian Vendredi - Winter Baby

Vivian was born in December in one of the hardest winters we've had.  She was born right in between two terrible snowstorms that rocked our area, the second of which left us completely snowed in and stranded at home for the first week with her.

So I suppose it's no surprise that she's already ready for winter.

Lately this has been a common sight...

Vivian in a onesie for sleeping because it's 30+ degrees out, but then she drags out her toque because it's just so fashionable.

Then the other day she took it to another level when she got herself ready to play outside.

In a toque.
And a coat.
And mittens.
On a 30 degree day.

And then I let her run around outside like that while I took pictures of her, because that's just the kind of parent I am.

Ironically, Vivian really hasn't played in the snow.  Of the two winters she's seen, the first she was too brand new, and then the second was an insanely mild winter, not much time for playing in the snow.

Something tells me that this winter will be a little different.  I suppose I should invest in some decent winter boots for myself if I expect to keep up with her.

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