Saturday, 16 June 2012

Vivian Vendredi - Stinkeye

Urgh, so sorry for the egregiously late post.  But, I have an excuse.  And I'm totally blaming the kid.

Vivian came down with pink eye this week, which has completely thrown things out of whack for me.  I had to take her to the doctor's at the last minute, and of course the antibiotic she needs is on backorder (there's apparently a pink eye epidemic right now) and had to take an unexpected day off work to keep her from spreading it around the daycare anymore than it already is.

Multiply all that with my car leaking coolant (yay for a new radiator hose), an insane day of yard sales, a family dinner and my brother's birthday, and you would be about where I am right now, which is midway through a glass of wine by myself.

Anyway, Vivian has pink eye.  And pink eye sucks, because everyone treats you like a leper and you have to pin your kid down like four times a day to subject them to the torture that is eye drops.  It's been pretty awesome.  On the upside, she doesn't really realize she's sick since she doesn't have to deal with a fever or nausea or anything like that, so at least she's been in good spirits.

I literally just chased her around a room for like five minutes trying to get some kind of a picture out of her for this blog post.  This is going to have to do for this week!

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