Saturday, 2 June 2012

Vivian Vendredi - Bangarang

Sorry for the late post - it's been kind of a hectic week!  A week that started with both Vivian and I getting some new haircuts that included new banging bangs for both of us!

Vivian has really nice hair already, and even though it was nice having her hair be a bit longer for pigtails and everything, with a 40 degree day already in May I was ready to cut off some of her length to make things a bit easier for the rest of the summer.

So the back got trimmed up...

(Yes, it's messy, but this is after her bath)

And she got some rocking Krysten Ritter style baby bangs.  Kind of by accident - she kept moving, so mom had to keep cutting her bangs to try to get them even.  I actually really like them that short though!

Makes it harder to hide the bumps and bruises on her head though.

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Anonymous said...

She looks WAY younger with shorter bangs!