Wednesday, 20 June 2012

This is barely a post. Read it and see.

Where to start, where to start.  This is a really weird post, because it's not really a post.  I could probably flesh it out into one, but for some reason I feel like this might be more fun.

First - some background.

I love Kevin Smith.  And every now and then, I love him a little more than usual and get obsessed with listening to his podcasts (I know, right?  Me?  Compulsive about something?  Weird.) watching his movies, reading his books, just consuming his message in any way.  This is one of those times.  I've gotten totally hooked on his Plus One podcast and listen to it constantly in the car.  Now, a few months ago my friend Jenn (check out her awesome blog here!) got me on the train of thought of how much I love the character Brodie Bruce from Mallrats.  Not familiar?  Check this out for some reference.

Yes, it is Jason Lee in all his shaggy, '90s slacker goodness.  Swoon.

Anyway, some Facebook discussion with Jenn led to me declaring Brodie Bruce to be the ideal man, and that I would rewatch Mallrats for the billionth time and take notes along the way and write a whole blog manifesto to support my claim.

So I watched it.  And I took notes.  And then I fell asleep like 30 minutes into the movie, and haven't gone back to watch it since.

So I've had this draft post with my notes sitting here since March, and I thought it was time to unleash it on the world.  I figure this is all part of The Purge (yes, it gets capitalized now.  I'm completely obsessed with it - but that's for another post.) even the blog needs to be purged of old posts that are sitting around collecting dust.

So please find below my raw, half asleep notes from watching Mallrats, which barely make sense.  I think you get the idea though.  Brodie Bruce for life!

NHL 95 on the Sega
Records and comic books
passive aggressively framing the letter - "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by SEga."
that outfit!  The slacker chic kills me
He says Eff!!
The uneccessary explanation of the Berzerker attack
rant about the cookie - eateries that operate in the designated square, anything outside is considered an autonomoous
\The amusement at his own actions when Renee lists all the shit she's put up with
The escalator - amazing rant - fear and respect the escalator. the illogical clinging to a random idea
You think just cause a guy reads comics he can't start some shit?
I must be slipping in my old age!

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