Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Refreshed Desk

Remember how a couple of weeks ago I said I was starting to work on something and promised to have it ready in a couple of days then said nothing more about it?

Well after running out of paint and then dragging my heels on going to get more, then finally going to get more it looks like this...

I used Pre-Dawn Sky by Benjamin Moore again.  I just can't get enough of that colour.  These pictures definitely do it justice.  In person it's the perfect pinky purple.

Vivian seems to love having the desk - she was having a hard time colouring at her table and chairs because the chair would get pushed away from the table and she wouldn't be able to figure out how to move herself and the chair closer.  Plus, having the drawer under the seat on this desk makes it easy to store away her crayons and colouring books when she's not hard at work!

Have you gotten to painting anything interesting lately?  I was in a project mood tonight and have a couple more things on the go!

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