Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Outfit of the Day - Liquidation Gold

So because of my camera troubles the outfit of the day posts are going to be even more underwhelming than usual.  Enjoy.

I hit up one of the liquidating Zellers last week, and while things were pretty picked over, I did manage to grab a few decent things.  I stocked up on some tights for the fall/winter (at $2 a pair I really couldn't refuse!)  And I found this skirt marked down to $10.

It's nice and light and cool for spring/summer, but I think it will work well with those cheap tights in the fall too.  It's fairly full though, and my T-shirt is a little long so I might have to find a different top for it (tucking things in is not my friend.)

Cardigan - Joe Fresh
T-shirt - Smart Set (the best white t-shirts!)
Skirt - Pure by Alfred Sung
Sandals - Aldo

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