Monday, 11 June 2012

Close, but not quite

Part of my purge (and I swear to god, one day I will stop talking about purging stuff!) has been taking a look at things that I don't necessarily want to get rid of, but that need to be reused or repurposed somehow.

Take this picture for instance...

I won it at a bridal show before the wedding.  Here's a tip - if you're going to bridal shows, home shows, prenatal fairs, anywhere that you end up signing up for a lot of things and entering a lot of contests, print out a bunch of labels with your name, address, email address, due date/wedding date, whatever usual information they're looking for.  That way you can just stick a label to the forms instead of standing around trying to fill out entries at every single booth.  It's much quicker, and sometimes you win things because they think you're clever, like I did here!  When the guy called me to tell me I won, he said it was because of my label!  Hooray!

Anyway, it's a lovely, professional framed dealio.  It was a great framing company that gave it to me, but I never had any work done by them.  They do great work though.  Anyway, I won this thing, but had no idea what to do with it.  It was on display somewhere at the wedding, but what to do with it now?  You can't tell from the pictures, but it has like wedding vows written on it and it's all burgundy and just so not my thing.  But it's a really nice, high quality frame, so I didn't want to just ditch it.

So I tore it all apart and started gluing things to it instead.

I have a bit of a paint chip addiction.  I love just having them.  I can't even explain it - I just love having all the colours and trying to figure out what to do with them.  I've been grabbing stacks of them for years and I'll build up a supply then get rid of them, back and forth.  So I decided that it was time to purge them (well, not all of them) and do something with them.

So I gathered them all up and busted out a 1 inch circle punch that I had laying around from some other project at some point and got to punching.  After sorting out any colours that were really earthy (I wanted it to really colourful) I started hot gluing all the circles down row by row overlapping them a bit as I went, but not worrying too much about the placement or anything.  I just glued them right over the original picture, which was kind of a heavy-duty vellum piece of paper so it took to the hot glue pretty easily.

Then I took the frame and mat and sprayed them down with some spray paint.  I didn't realize it until I took the frame apart, but the mat was kind of fuzzy and textured.  I couldn't decide on what colour to spray, but ended up deciding on a light grey, hoping that that would make the colours pop.

It's close to what I was hoping for, but not quite there.  I'm thinking now that maybe I should just suck it up and get a plain white mat for it.  After spraying the mat it still retains some of the texture so it just looks weird and it bugs me.

Of course, I reassembled the whole thing and had to staple gun it back together and add some masking tape on the back for good measure, so I won't be fixing it any time soon.  Who knows though, maybe the grey will grow on me?  Probably not.  I do really like the way the paint chips turned out though - I love just the layered dots.

All in all, the whole project just cost me a couple of hot glue sticks and a can of spray paint, so I really can't complain if it doesn't look too fantastic.  Sometimes you just get what you pay for!

What do you think?  White mat?  White frame?  Something different entirely?

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Eleven's Ink said...

um...WOW! i love "shell"-like layers that is really nice ashlie!!