Thursday, 28 June 2012

Be vewy vewy quiet, it's purse hunting season.

Why yes, this post title is an Elmer Fudd shout-out.  Represent.

Sad news, guys.  My purse is dying.  Remember this purse I got for my birthday?

Well apparently I've put it through quite the abuse, because that lovely little chain has fallen off, almost all of the zipper pulls have come off, the main zipper broke and the cross-body strap fell off.


Now I know some women would be pumped to go shopping for a new purse, but I'm just a little bit particular.  And while I used to love getting new purses all the time, with my old age I'm tending to find something I like and sticking with it.

So now I need to hunt for a new bag and I'm totally not looking forward to it.  Of course, there's certain guidelines to follow.

I like a bag that has a cross-body strap, but I also like it to have shorter straps as a backup or for easy grabbing.

LOVE this bag - but the seller is on vacation currently.  

It also has to be big.  Big enough to fit a couple books, snacks and stuff for Vivian, and potentially a sub from Quiznos and various drinks and snacks to smuggle into a movie.

Oh, Diesel bag.  Why can't I find you on eBay?!
And I like it in leather.  Not because I'm fancy, but because I'm lazy and canvas gets too dirty, and then I have to bother with washing it.

Kinies...why you no make leather?!

I like 'em loose and not too structured.  Give me that lived-in look.  Maybe even a vintage gem?

Ooh, vintage leather.  Can't you just imagine how soft that leather is?
Oh, and I want it to be on clearance, or at least on sale.  You know, because I'm cheap.  Honestly, I'm like five minutes away from just using this old travel bag I got at the Salvation Army.

So there you go.  Purse hunting.  Any tips?  Where do you like to get your purses?  Maybe I'll luck out at a yard sale or thrift store this weekend!


Joan Crawford said...

Love the first bag. If it'll be back in stock soon, I'd wait for it. I'm with you - I hate bag shopping. I finally found a bag I like (on sale from $60 to $30!) and I went ahead and bought two of them. At first I was going to give one to my best friend and then I thought "Actually... I want this bag forever and when it dies I will just replace it and call it by the old one's name and act as if nothing terrible has happened." That's healthy, right?

Anonymous said...

I would use eBay that would be your best chance
If you are after a classic & please put you're old one
On eBay :)