Monday, 28 May 2012

Yard sale finds and signs from the universe

I'm not a terribly spiritual person, but don't you just love it when a weird little coincidence pops up and it just makes you feel good about the world?  Last week I follow a link on Apartment Therapy to a gallery that was doing an exhibition on vintage children's chairs.  (Check it out here.)  I was immediately drawn to this lovely little set of three cube chairs.

So sweet and utilitarian!  I just loved them, but at $950 for the set of three, it was a little ridiculous.

Enter the Strathroy Town-Wide Yard Sales.  I got out to a couple of yard sales on Saturday before my allergies got the best of me (I'm pretty sure that one of my sinuses is about to explode through my cheek right now).  As I wander through one in particular, what do I spy under a table?

Boom.  The same freaking chair!  And what was the price on it?  $4!  I happily scooped it up and when the seller saw me with it, he announced that he would take $1 for it.  A DOLLAR.

It has that weird rubber part on the seat, but I'm hoping that I can scrape it off or something.  And the vintage graphics?  Come on.  Adorable!  Look at the koala on the back!


Other than that, I picked up a few vintage pillow cases.  This amazing squiggly flowery one...

 And four of these pretty yellow rose ones - and look, they have his and her embroidery!

 A masculine, dark edge on two...

And a delicate, lighter edge on the other two...

I paid $1.50 for the 5 pillowcases - another great deal!

All in all, a pretty successful Saturday - especially since I also found a McDonalds Finding Nemo toy that made a little boy at my mom's very happy.

Did you find any good deals on the weekend?  I'm pretty excited for the Kilworth yard sales on June 16th, care to join me?

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Anonymous said...

Great finds Ashlie. I love that cube chair! I found a Dora toddler bed for $15. Its in perfect condition.